$15 Million Advisor Shares Marketing Strategy

Stephen Stricklin had an idea: engage people and make their retirement simpler.

At Wise Wealth, LLC, Stephen Stricklin had an opportunity. People were coming to his seminars, but they weren’t fully appreciating his depth of knowledge or following through with appointments to start their retirement strategy planning. Enter Simplify Your Retirement. We’ll let Stephen explain:


For more information on Simplify Your Retirement, please contact your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642.

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  1. Frank says:

    Sounds like our situation exactly!!! They love the nice Dinner, and seem to enjoy the Presentation…but the follow thru is abysmal!!!

    Frank Dunaway

  2. Frank says:

    So, what are we doing…is this a service or just his story?


    • Ashley says:

      Hi, Frank!

      Simplify Your Retirement (SYR) is a marketing program we offer. It has been successful for those who have utilized it, and we encourage you to explore it as a strategy. Someone from our team will be contacting you soon to answer any questions you have to see if SYR is a fit for you and your firm. Have a great day and thanks for reading Creative Edge!

  3. Frank says:

    So, what is the “Compelling Proposition”?

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