5 Ways to Create & Curate Successful Content on Twitter

Twitter recently celebrated its 10th birthday as a social media website. Over the years, Twitter has been an innovator in connecting business and customers. From allowing immediate customer feedback to growing a business, Twitter is a key tool for financial advisers today. Through the right techniques, business owners can expand their geographic reach, find new customers and connect with their current clients.

What This Means for Your Business

Every day, 500 million Tweets are sent on this platform from hundreds of millions of users. For companies, these Tweets represent an opportunity to build a brand, find new customers and grow revenue. Twitter is a place for meaningful connections and customer service. According to surveys, 50 percent of people who follow a small business will visit or shop at the company’s website. An additional 60 percent of people purchased an item because of something they saw on Twitter. For growing businesses, Twitter is an inexpensive platform with valuable results.

There is no ideal number of daily Tweets or types of content that will work for every company. While each business needs a unique approach to Twitter, the following five tips are designed to help every company build a Twitter content plan.

1. Use Visuals

Images draw the viewer’s attention and get them to actually view the post. A GIF, image or video can show personality and increase engagement rates. It also turns out that people are three times more likely to respond to a Tweet if the Tweet includes visuals.

2. Stay Short

People have short attention spans, so a concise Tweet is more likely to get the point across than a long-winded message.

3. Take a Survey

Get the audience engaged by asking a question and eliciting their opinion.

4. Use Retweets and Replies

Retweeting relevant content and responding to customers helps to build a Twitter presence. All Retweets should be chosen according to the company’s values and goals.

5. Find Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags allow companies to expand their reach, start a cultural movement and engage in popular conversations with other users. To keep hashtags from becoming annoying, companies should focus on using just one or two hashtags per Tweet.

As more content is posted on Twitter, the business can reach out to employees and other followers for Retweets. A Retweet helps the company to expand their reach exponentially and reach out to prospective clients who are unfamiliar with the brand. When asking for Retweets, companies can be direct and ask their followers for support. If this does not work, the brand can always offer a special coupon code to followers if they reach a targeted number of Retweets.

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Not sure of the lingo? Enjoy this complimentary Twitter Glossary!


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