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Lincoln® Changes Term Conversion Guidelines

July 13 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Changes are coming to Lincoln Financial Group®’s term conversion guidelines. Term conversion options on new term policies with policy effective dates on or after September 12, 2016, will continue to have access to the full suite of competitive permanent products through policy year seven. After year seven, policies that are eligible may convert to one… Read More

Minnesota Life Presents: Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

June 23 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Minnesota Life Presents: Life Insurance as an Investment Tool BGA and BGA Staff Webinar Thursday, June 30, 2016 1:00 PM CST Join TMA and Steve Sommer, Sales Manager, IDG of Minnesota Life for a presentation on “Life Insurance as an Investment Tool.”  Learn how you can use life insurance to help your clients fill their retirement income… Read More

REMINDER: Webinar #3–Using Qualified Funds Is Today

May 31 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

BGA Insurance presents OneAmerica Series of Webinars Focus of this Webinar = Using Qualified Funds for LTC Plan Continuous Pay – Premiums GUARANTEED NEVER to Increase. Optional unlimited LTC benefits rider. Husband and wife can be on claim at same time and each receive full benefit. Example – If benefit = $5,000/month, they could receive… Read More

What is a Living Benefit?

May 20 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Living Benefits: Changing Real Lives Robert Sanchez: $733,062.00 Isabella Martinez: $120,552.74 Rachael Roberts: $51,860.10 Bonnie Thomas: $234,364.24 What is a Living Benefit? In insurance terms, Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs)1, which provide the option of receiving a partial or fill accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying medical condition. What… Read More

Part 3: Niche Alert – You Don’t Know BOES-NQDC

February 17 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Niche Alert: You Don’t Know BOES — NQ Deferred Compensation Did you know Principal’s nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) platform is available to all CreativeOne advisors and producers? What may not be apparent is how to use it to win cases and grow your revenue. Whether you need front-end resources like training and fact finders or largely misunderstood elements like… Read More

Part 2: Key Person Insurance in Motion

December 9 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

The Sale Many advisors immediately think of a death benefit and a term insurance solution when processing a key person case. A more nuanced approach, however, uncovers many other aspects to consider and solutions besides the 10-year-term contract. Consider some of the ways a key employee may be lost to an employer: – Disability. –… Read More

Part 1: Understanding the Difference between BOES and SERPs

November 17 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

Do you Understand the Difference between BOES and SERPs? Do You Know When to Recommend one Over Another? CreativeOne works in conjunction with the business experts at Principal® Financial Group. They live and breathe Executive Bonus Plans (BOES) and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) every day, and are only a phone call away. Let us… Read More

Marrying life-expectancy and cash-accumulation strategies

March 24 2015

by Creative Life Sales Team

Accordia LifeTime Foundation IUL

Lifetime Foundation is a first-of-its-kind permanent life insurance product with death benefit guarantees that adjust to your clients’ changing needs. This innovative new approach offers more guaranteed coverage early on when their life insurance needs are likely the greatest, while maintaining a proportional death benefit guarantee in later years when their focus transitions to savings… Read More

Blueprint to Freedom: A Guide for Going Independent, Part IV

July 14 2014

by Creative Life Sales Team

BLUEPRINT TO FREEDOM PART IV: IMPLEMENTATION You’ve taken the finals steps to freedom, and now it’s time to capitalize on your pre-planning efforts. By identifying those clients who make up your target market, you’ve begun building your awareness and branding yourself as “the expert” – two steps that are essential to growth. It’s at this point… Read More

Blueprint to Freedom: A Guide to Going Independent, Part III

July 9 2014

by Creative Life Sales Team

BLUEPRINT TO FREEDOM PART III: EXECUTION Before making the big announcement that you’re transitioning into life as an independent agent, refine your business goals, develop the strategies needed to capture the eye of your former clients and craft smart tactics to build a network of qualified prospects. When you plan to make your new firm… Read More