Boomers flock toward social media

September 23 2014

by CreativeOne -

Social Media

Over the past three years, social media use by older Americans has nearly tripled. Not only is the 50-and-up group the fastest growing demographic online; they also make up the majority of the online consumer population.

Which social media sites appeal to boomers the most?

We know that 76% of Internet users ages 50-64 now go online at least once per day. But knowing where they’re going is extremely important in terms of marketing, so it pays to check out the facts.

Facebook’s 2014 Demographic Report showed that the 55-and up group is bringing the most growth to the site’s membership roll. It makes sense that the older crowd would migrate toward Facebook. The platform allows them to message friends and family, view photos of their grandchildren, read world news, play games, and keep up with local events all in one place.

More than half of LinkedIn users belong to the older generation. The platform is oriented toward professionals, allowing them to make professional connections and further their careers. For older workers enjoying their peak earning potential, LinkedIn provides tools they need in a convenient, accessible format.

The largest percentage of YouTube users belong to the 45-54 age group, with the 55-64 group trailing close behind. YouTube provides information in video format, which can be accessed from computers, tablets, smart phones and now “smart TVs”.

They aren’t just using the computer at work, either.

According to Pew Research, the number of older Americans using cell phones jumped 57% between 2010 and 2012. This means two things for the advisor who needs to market toward this demographic: Social media usage in older Americans will only grow more in coming years, so it’s important to stay on top of the trends and use them to achieve marketing goals. Advisors should also be careful to make sure their website and blog is mobile-friendly.

So what does this mean for you?

As an advisor, most of your clients and target demographic are part of the 50-and-up crowd. Now that you know they’re online and seeking information, this is your opportunity to position yourself as their helpful resource. They’re ready and waiting for you to share your knowledge with them. If you haven’t already begun a social media campaign, now is the time to step into this exciting new frontier.

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