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A New Take on the Split Annuity Concept

A new take on the split annuity concept

You’ve heard it time and again from clients. You’ve read about it in dozens of articles and publications. There’s even statistical evidence to support it. All in all, you’re bombarded with the fact that clients today are concerned with income – particularly the possibility of outliving the one they’ve planned for in retirement. Meanwhile, you’re… Read More

A Super Stack Of Retirement Income

Legend has it that Paul Bunyan ate 50 pancakes in one minute because he loved the food and was so hungry from digging out the Great Lakes. How would your clients like a super stack of “retirement pancakes” that serves higher lifetime income checks on all the hard-earned money they’ve saved throughout their lives? The new BalancedAllocation Lifetime Income RiderTM (BALIR) from Annexus, available only on the BalancedAllocation Annuity (BAA) series, does just that. It offers your clients a new living benefit rider that stacks interest tied to the S&P 500 on top of a 5% guaranteed fixed rate, which in turn means higher income checks for life. The Retirement Landscape