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REMINDER: Webinar #3–Using Qualified Funds Is Today

May 31 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

BGA Insurance presents OneAmerica Series of Webinars Focus of this Webinar = Using Qualified Funds for LTC Plan Continuous Pay – Premiums GUARANTEED NEVER to Increase. Optional unlimited LTC benefits rider. Husband and wife can be on claim at same time and each receive full benefit. Example – If benefit = $5,000/month, they could receive… Read More

What is a Living Benefit?

May 20 2016

by Creative Life Sales Team

Living Benefits: Changing Real Lives Robert Sanchez: $733,062.00 Isabella Martinez: $120,552.74 Rachael Roberts: $51,860.10 Bonnie Thomas: $234,364.24 What is a Living Benefit? In insurance terms, Living Benefits are Accelerated Benefit Riders (ABRs)1, which provide the option of receiving a partial or fill accelerated life insurance benefit if the insured experiences a qualifying medical condition. What… Read More

Life Insurance + Pensions = YES!

Did you know you can sell life insurance in pension plans? There are many opportunities to add life insurance to pension plans due to the advantages and cost-effective method of purchase. Learn how and why so many small business owners elect to include life insurance in their pension plans. Space available! Register now! Life Insurance… Read More

New Product: Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Signature Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance … with guaranteed cash-out rider! Your Policy, Your Way! Dial the Guarantee that Works for You: Customize the amount and length of the guaranteed death benefit between ages 95 to 121.1 Highly competitive premiums. Contractual Late-Payment Forgiveness. Additional Flexibility: Guaranteed Cash-Out in Policy Years 15, 20 and 25.2 Cash-Out Value: a… Read More

The Four Ls of Life Insurance

A new survey released by and conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International documented 4 in 10 Americans with children under age 18 don’t have life insurance leaving families vulnerable in the event of an unexpected death. Many of those surveyed that do have insurance admit to being vastly underinsured. Life insurance has been… Read More

RIAs/IARs: Integrate FIAs into Client Portfolios with New, Groundbreaking Option

Do you currently sell fixed indexed annuities (FIAs)? Are you a RIA/IAR looking to integrate FIAs into client portfolios? If yes, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. CreativeOne introduces ChangePath, a turnkey asset management platform (TAMP), providing a unified managed household approach that illustrates the overall impact of FIAs to the Modern Portfolio Theory…. Read More

Income Maximizer Virtual Training Event

Do you keep things simple enough? What’s your answer if a client asks you “What if I retire later?” What do you do when your client says “no”? How do you show the power of indexed annuities, life or LTC? Don’t let sales fall this fall … make sure you’re getting the most out of… Read More

Meet Insurance Goals While Persuing a Healthier Life

Industry leading – client engagements tools have never been this good. In an attempt to redefine life insurance and promote a healthy lifestyle among clients the John Hancock Vitality Program is now available on Accumulation IUL and Protection IUL. This new program offers clients savings on premiums and a variety of other rewards when they… Read More

Best-in-class interactive calculators

John Hancock has long enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader in the life insurance industry. Their Advanced Markets resources are truly best-in-class, and can help producers and advisors alike find and close more sales. The collection of resources here represents the best that John Hancock’s team has to offer, and is backed up by… Read More

Blueprint to Freedom: A Guide for Going Independent, Part IV

July 14 2014

by Creative Life Sales Team

BLUEPRINT TO FREEDOM PART IV: IMPLEMENTATION You’ve taken the finals steps to freedom, and now it’s time to capitalize on your pre-planning efforts. By identifying those clients who make up your target market, you’ve begun building your awareness and branding yourself as “the expert” – two steps that are essential to growth. It’s at this point… Read More