Celebrate Independents’ Day On Your Time

August 15 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

The insurance world is much like a house divided: some insurance agents operate as independents while others choose to work through a career system. Most agents have strong feelings about the pros and cons of each side of the house. Although we each have our reasons for selecting the career path that makes the most sense for us personally, collectively we have one goal in mind. We’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and offering solutions that meet their financial, retirement and legacy planning needs. It can be a grueling job, especially in the beginning, but it can also be one of the most rewarding professions that exists.

Like many of you, I started in a career agency. Although the training, support and education were fantastic, there were times when I missed a case due to competition and others when I knew of product with another carrier that would have been a better fit for my client’s situation. I weighed the pros and cons, and my need to do what was in the best interest of each individual and family I served eventually outweighed a commitment to meet an obligation to my company. I wanted to be able to evaluate a greater number of options for meeting client needs without feeling the pressure to meet the company premium bogey. My GA was more progressive than most and provided a brokerage outlet right in the agency office. But eventually, I ventured out on my own and became totally independent. Many of my Creative Life colleagues have had similar experiences, and we know that life as an independent agent isn’t easy. If you’re considering transitioning all or part of your business out of a career system, partner with Creative Life to examine common concerns and tackle any challenges head-on.

Concern #1: With so many product options available, I won’t be able to wade through them and determine what’s right for a particular client.

You will be amazed at all the choice you have in the independent brokerage space. Creative Life offers Term, UL, WL and Variable UL from more than 25 different carriers. The product matrix is vast. Yet you will also be amazed at how your Creative Life Sales Team will guide you through the process and help to determine just what product fits a particular client need you have identified so you don’t have to do this on your own. The Creative Life team can assist with everything from running illustrations to developing complex case design. We have the resources you need to ensure you’re making the right decision every time for each person you serve.

Concern #2: Without a general agency behind me, I won’t have the underwriting and application submission support I need.

The Creative Life team offers support and assistance for every part of the process from pre-sale application through submission and case placement. We have both an in-house underwriter and a concierge underwriter on staff with more than 60 years of combined experience. Our team handles application packaging and review, vendor coordination for APS requests and paramedical exams, cover letter writing assistance, and more. We’ve also developed relationships with each carrier to ensure we understand their strengths and can use those to your advantage and your clients’. Our familiarity with the particular specialties of each carrier can then help you target niche markets you may not have previously been able to serve and grow your business exponentially.

Concern #3: If I’m just an agent, I’m just a number.

The prospect of leaving your colleagues behind and making your way without GA and Home Office support can be daunting. In reality, partnering with Creative Life opens up a vast network of connections, relationships and new opportunities. First off, we have great relationships with all our carriers, and you will have the power of Creative behind you when you need an underwriter to take a second look or get that policy overnighted to the client. As an independent, the advanced sales and marketing support available to you is incredible. Also, we provide training events, academies, incentive trips and more that will allow you to get to know the Creative family and connect with other producers throughout the country. More importantly, you’ll have a team of experienced, dedicated professionals working to ensure your success. From the friendly voices answering each of your calls to the relationship managers, sales consultants and new business managers who work on your behalf, you’ll be anything but alone.

Concern #4: If my current GA resources are similar to those of Creative Life, there’s no reason for me to make the effort to switch.

Although both your GA and Creative Life offer resources for mentoring, training and streamlining the policy placement process, these things are just the tip of the iceberg in a relationship with our team. In addition to our fantastic staff who handle back office, underwriting and application submission support, we offer incentives, programs, tools and marketing assistance you won’t find anywhere else. From our best-in-class annual agent incentive trip to the first-ever IMO-provided deferred compensation program offered to agents at zero cost, we’re committed to taking care of you now and even when it’s your turn to retire. We provide exclusive access to the Dynamic Marketing Portal*, an online resource with dozens of executable tools for expanding your reach, building your credibility and growing your book of business. We also have a great deal of experience helping agents transition into independent roles and ensuring their continued success.

If you have further questions or are on the fence about making the switch, consider giving me or your Creative Life Sales Team a call. We’d be more than happy to walk you through a more detailed explanation of just how we can help you design your blueprint to freedom and create the change in your practice that both you and your clients deserve. Don’t forget to ask us for a copy of our Blueprint to Freedom: A Guide to Going Independent, which will walk you step-by-step through the process of making the right decision and reaping the rewards.


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