CreativeOne Releases App with Real-Time Updates

To provide advisors with the ability to access on-the-go case updates and carrier contracts in real time, CreativeOne set out to create an efficient and easy-to-use app, and over the past few months has been releasing the app to its advisors.

To better understand the backstory of the app and learn about it from inception to execution, we sat down with the Chief Information Officer, Robert Wingerter, and asked him to shine some light on different aspects of the app and what’s to come.

Ashley Bowles (AB): What was the thought behind developing a CreativeOne app in the first place?

Robert Wingerter (RW): Sixty percent of all the website traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. As that applies to CreativeOne—while many areas of our site are visited on a consistent basis—the “My Business” section of the website is one of the top hits. We felt the agents would appreciate a quick, secure way to see that information on devices other than their computers, so we set out to design the mobile-optimized CreativeOne App.

We know our agents are not always in front of their computers, so the app is just one more way to get them the information they need, when they need it. What the app really does is allows us to provide our producers with the latest information at their fingertips, quickly and efficiently.

AB: What needs does the app meet?

RW: The biggest benefit the current app provides is real-time case status with case notes. As soon as our service person enters the notes, they are available in the app. While the website provides this information as well, navigation and formatting are optimized for the mobile device.

AB: How excited are you about the app?

RW: What I’m excited about is this app represents the beginning, the foundation of what’s to come. We conquered numerous hurdles and now are ready to refine, improve and expand the capabilities. I’m really excited about what’s next and where we can go with it.

AB: So, what can agents be on the look for with the app?

RW: We are working on getting the Business Accelerator credits and account details within the coming weeks, and ultimately, we want to build a mobile-optimized Annuity Solutions Pro app. With that being said, we are always open to advisors’ suggestions and feedback on what they would like to see out of the app, so they should contact us with any positive or negative feedback they would like addressed.

This app has taught us a tremendous amount about how to create apps, and we’re excited to see how we can expand our capabilities to provide our agents with bigger, better and more useful apps in the future.

AB: Who should producers contact if they need help?

RW: Advisors should email [email protected] or call the main office and ask for help with your mobile app. The receptionist will get you to the correct person. So far, most of our calls have been about forgotten passwords, proving the app has been very stable!

AB: Where should agents go for more information and directions for downloading the app?

RW: Because our app is exclusively available to contracted agents, it cannot be found in traditional app stores like the Google Play store or the App Store.

If you are a validated user and would like to download our private app, please go online and read the installation guide responding to your smartphone or tablet.

AB: Do you have anything else you’d like to share about the app?

RW: Henry Ford built the Model T before the Mustang. Keep checking the app, and keep looking for more, better, faster!

If you could like more information on the app and how you can make it work for you, contact a sales consultant at 800.992.2642 to get contracted and gain access to carrier contracts and detailed case information on-the-go.


CP-0816 – 2016/7/29

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