Discover Nationwide’s® New Heights® Product Enhancements

With the changing of seasons, comes changes in the carrier industry—Annexus has partnered with Nationwide to enhance the New Heights Fixed Indexed Annuity product offering with additional indices and contract terms.

Nationwide’s® New Heights® Enhancements

Annexus and Nationwide are excited to announce the launch of their enhanced suite of New Heights fixed indexed annuities with three new products. The new products offer multiple options for contract length, as well as multiple new index options, while maintaining the features we’ve grown to love from their legacy product.

The Nationwide legacy product has a patented ability to track values daily, allowing earnings to be credited to date on withdrawals and other triggering events. Owners may lock in the index value once per strategy, and that locked-in index value is then used to calculate the earnings at the end of the strategy term. The product offers uncapped accumulation potential and consumers can choose to add an optional income rider. The High Point 365 income rider enacts an automatic lock-in function. The lock-in function locks in the highest daily value and payout factors from each day during the period. The payout factors from High Point 365 can be as high as 16%.

Where the legacy offering of New Heights is a 10-year product with two-year resets, the new lineup of products now includes an eight-year contract, with a two-year reset, as well as a nine-year and 12-year product, each with a three-year reset.

The two- and three-year resets offer the patented Annexus Uncapped Balanced Allocation Strategy with participation rates up to 120% with no fee!


The J.P. Morgan MOZAIC SM Index

JP Morgan graph

The Index is designed to generate steady, positive growth through a variety of market environments due in part to a monthly allocation process that adapts to market changes and mitigates potential risks. The graph above shows actual and back-tested performance in which the index experienced a 69% higher compound annual return than the S&P 500® with 79% less volatility.1

As mentioned, an additional benefit of the enhanced suite of New Heights Fixed Index Annuities is the new indices tied to the products. In this case, I’m going to spotlight the J.P. Morgan MOZAICSM Index. The J.P. Morgan Index, launched in 2009, was created on three principles: broad diversification, positive momentum and volatility leveling. Its asset classes include equities, fixed income, commodities and non-correlated commodities such as precious metals and energy.

The index’s global reach leverages three of the world’s most established markets and measures six-month returns on all asset classes each month. It then selects up to six asset classes with the highest positive returns over the previous six months, and strategically weighs those asset classes to provide more reliable returns. Additionally, in an effort to eliminate short-term volatility, the index has a built in “stop-loss” functionality.

For more information on the JP Morgan MOZAIC Index and the enhanced New Heights product suite, contact your CreativeOne team at 800.992.2642. Let us help you make sense of the new products and how to fit them into your current product offering.

1. Please note that the J.P. Morgan MOZAIC Index was established on April 17, 2009. This information is based on both historical and back-tested data. Back-tested performance is hypothetical and is used for illustration purposes only. Past performance is not indicative of nor does it guarantee future performance. FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. CP-0473 - 2015/6/17

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