DOL Outcome Looming … What’s the Best FIA?

It Depends. We’ll Help You Find It.

With the speculation surrounding the DOL’s decisions, it’s never been a better time to rely on Annuity Solutions PRO. CreativeOne’s proprietary web-based database includes the most complete and up-to-date product information search tool in the industry. Our team maintains hundreds of products and their specifics. You can rely on our technology to help you easily navigate product options that best suit your client’s needs.

Stop wasting valuable time tracking down product details! By using Annuity Solutions PRO, you’ll win more time on revenue-driving activities. Annuity Solutions Pro turns YOUR time into BETTER time.

PrintAnnuity Solutions PRO search capabilities are by:

  • State.
  • Carrier.
  • Product type.
  • State surrender period.
  • Client age.
  • Premium amount.

Comparing several products with advanced search features. The product profile section contains the most detailed information about the features of every annuity product supported by CreativeOne.

Staying current on rate changes and state approvals. We offer hundreds of annuity products from dozens of carriers. Rates and product features change frequently and can vary considerably by state. You no longer have to track of all those changes and state approvals. Annuity Solutions PRO provides this for you.

Ordering an electronic sales kit (eKits). Once you have refined your annuity search, you can electronically order product sales kits. Product eKits include brochures, CODs, applications and applicable inserts.

As we learn more about DOL, know that you have a team of professionals who support you. Our team is dedicated to keeping you informed with the most current annuity product information to make solid product decisions. Learn more about Annuity Solutions PRO, call your CreativeOne annuity sales team at 800.992.2642.


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