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As the only Agent Development Organization (ADO) in our industry, CreativeOne knows one size doesn’t fit all. Our unique value proposition makes you more successful by providing you with the vast array of services you need, including professionally produced media.

Have you ever considered using television as part of your marketing plan? We have a thirty-second commercial focusing on the misinformation about annuities that’s currently swirling around the market.

The particular agent we started the project with had no intention of being in the commercial and wanted something polished. So, our marketing team wrote a script, presented storyboards and had him approve them. We told him we would pay for the production, while giving him exclusive usage of it in his region, giving us the ability to allow other agents to also utilize it. To complete the spot and do it right had a price tag of around $80,000, so he was more than happy to let us pay for the production in exchange for other agents’ use.

It was late in the year, so we had to go somewhere warm. I had shot another commercial years before at a farm near Houston, Texas, so I reached out to a talent agency down there and they helped me locate the owner and we lucked out: same owners and nothing had changed.

They were happy to let me come back and work there again. Next up was the talent search. We came up with nothing in the Houston area, so we expanded our search to Dallas and found Sean McGraw. He’s an amazing actor with tons of experience who has done feature films. At the time, he was working on an ABC mini-series called “The Astronauts Wives Club” (now canceled), where he was playing President Lyndon B. Johnson. He was busy but lucky for us; he was able to work us in for a day. Working with talent of this caliber makes everything go smoothly and makes for a much better product.

From there, we hired a production crew from Houston, but used our in-house team to direct and do the filming—everything worked out beautifully. Our in-house team did all the post editing and graphics production, creating a national-level-quality TV spot we can brand to any agent, and the message is right on.

Three agents have used it thus far, and have all had good results. In addition to its creation, we will plan and negotiate the entire media buy to your specifications on your behalf. For example, one of the agents who used it only wanted it to appear on Fox News because he felt the audience he wanted to reach was there. He was right, generating several good leads from it.

Watch the spot now:



There’s a lot of bad information out there. Let your prospective clients know they can talk to you, get the facts and make up their own minds when it comes to annuities. Give us a call at 800.992.2642 and let’s see how our media services can work for you.


CP-0802 – 2016/07/11

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