Generate Brand Buzz with Hole in One

September 25 2015

by CreativeOne -


If you want to create brand buzz among new, qualified and more-affluent leads, Hole in One may be just the program you’re looking for.

With this innovative marketing program, you pay only a low premium while offering prospects exciting monetary hole-in-one winnings, luxurious vacations and various other prizes.

It’s a simple idea that’s easy to execute. Contact a local country club to inquire about an already-scheduled tournament, sponsor a hole and network with prospects from your target market during the tourney.

Your premium cost includes customized signage, tee markers and invaluable networking opportunities with individuals from your target market. Premiums range from $150 to around $1,600, depending on number of players and the cash value of your prize.

To learn more about CreativeOne’s Hole In One program and how to make it work in your market, contact your CreativeOne team at 800.992.2642 or visit

FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. This program is an exclusive offer through CreativeOne’s Dynamic Marketing Portal to a third-party vendor and is only available to agents who are contracted with CreativeOne. Production requirements apply. CreativeOne is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it.

CP-0651 – 2015/9/25

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