Nine Unique Event Ideas to Grow Sales

Are you looking for innovative ways to generate sales through your existing relationships and build loyalty in select social circles? Hosting well-thought-out and well-planned events can be a great way to gather individuals interested in your services to network with like minds in a comfortable, enjoyable environment. Create memorable occasions that provide opportunities to cultivate strong relationships and provide positive experiences for valued clients so you can secure referrals and repeat business.

1. Appraisal Event

Invite clients—along with their friends—to bring an item for appraisal by an accredited appraiser. By doing so, you’ll connect with someone from his or her social circle or maybe a family. Items must be easily transported, like jewelry, family heirlooms and small collectibles.

  • Event location: your office, conference room, community center, large meeting room or hotel.
  • Registrations: have clients identify if they have antiquities, jewelry, etc., in advance to line up the appropriate appraiser.
  • Outside needs: hire specific appraisers who specialize in markets clients mentioned.
  • Event duration: 3 hours.
  • Food and beverage: minimal.

2. Shred Party

Everyone has documentation with confidential information listed that they don’t want, yet don’t feel comfortable discarding in the trash. Hire a confidential shredding service for an afternoon for the community and/or your clients.

  • Event location: your office, conference room, community center, large meeting room or hotel.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Gives clients complete security.
  • Helps clients with spring cleaning, post-tax return day, etc.
  • Food and beverage: consider coffee, simple breakfast items.

3. Memorable Smiles

Getting a family photo or quality photo with friends is often difficult. Help preserve memories for years to come by hosting a photography session for your best clients and their families and friends. Having clients invite their friends could be the introduction you need to grow relationships.

Photo sessions could include: best friends, book clubs, professional headshots, family, women’s clubs.

  • Event location: your office, conference room, community center, large meeting room, hotel, park, city landmark.
  • Reserve a photographer for an afternoon.
  • Schedule one-hour appointments to snap photos.
  • Hand deliver photos/flash drives when ready. 

4. Valentine’s Day

The pain of losing your spouse is often magnified on Valentine’s Day. The sadness, pain and loneliness can be unbearable with the relentless retail campaigns, especially for widows and widowers. Surround them with love by hosting a fun get together, where you encourage your clients to invite other widows and widowers.

  • Event location: your office, conference room, community center, large meeting room or hotel.
  • Food and beverage: lunch, dinner or happy hour.
  • Greet each guest with a corsage, boutonniere or single-stemmed flower.
  • Party favors: small chocolate boxes with a bow and personal note from you.

 5. Birthday Celebrations

Look at your book of business for your most loyal clients, those that run in social circles you want to advance into and those that have more potential. Do any of them have a milestone birthday in the upcoming year? If so, confidentially call their spouse to throw them a surprise birthday party for three to 15 couples. Along with their information to send invitations, you can follow up with a call to go over event details. You can make this a simple or elaborate celebration, depending on the client.

  • Event location: your office, your home, banquet room or their favorite restaurant.
  • Add some excitement with a juggler, singing telegram, live band, magician or a special theme.

6. Food Truck Fun

Want to get to know more employees at a specific company or administer their 401(k) plan? Sponsor a curbside experience with a food truck. Look for businesses with a higher propensity of quality candidates that have technical professions, advanced degrees or large sales teams.

  • Food truck ideas: ice cream, snow cones, hot pretzels, tacos, doughnuts, etc.
  • Arrange the event with the company’s human resources department. Ask HR to send an email notification announcing the food truck, its arrival, that it is courtesy of you and include your contact information.
  • Consider attending the event to say hi, but don’t talk business. Merely meet and greet so they know your face.

7. Culinary Delights

There are several culinary programs across major cities that offer classes and demonstrations. Book a night and invite special clients to come and bring a friend to the event. You’ll have a fun experience that can help you build relationships with the attendees. Some ideas might include:

  • Bread making.
  • Home brewing with a local brew master.
  • Grilling done right.
  • Infusion meals.
  • Middle eastern cooking techniques.
  • Fancy hors d’oeuvres. 

8. Yoga under the Stars

Sponsor an outdoor yoga event for individuals who don’t have time for fitness until the kids are in bed. Because it’s a unique event, you’ll gain some additional market exposure. When participants arrive, have them sign up with their name, email and phone number, which can be used for your follow-up, thank-you calls. This could be a great market to talk about college planning, supplemental retirement income and investment management.

  • Event location: outdoor amphitheater, city park.
  • Book a night with a full moon and local yoga instructor.
  • Advertise in the private schools newspaper, neighborhood association’s monthly newsletter and through local online fitness clubs that match your ideal demographics in your area.

9. Ride + Learn

Each client must bring a friend with him or her to attend the predetermined activity. Have each individual provide their contact information upon boarding the bus. You’ll have a captive audience during the ride that allows for you to expand upon your services and allow the group get to know you. You can schedule events like:

  • A wine tour.
  • City homes tour.
  • Local events.
  • Antique shopping.

Here are a few more notable event ideas:

  • Jewelry-making class.
  • Painting.
  • Golf swing analysis with a pro.
  • Skeet shooting.
  • Paint ball.
  • Session with a personal trainer.
  • Nutritionist consult.
  • Master gardener consult.
  • Water garden society tour.
  • Heritage/ancestry class.
  • Identity theft and prevention.
  • Pottery-making class.

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Please note: It’s smart to safeguard your practice by meeting with your attorney to discuss liability for yourself, and on behalf of your firm, for any event you plan on hosting. FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

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