When and How Often You Should Be Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you are trying to increase your engagement and following on social media, you may be thinking the more you post, the more followers you are likely to gain from your posting. While it is good to be active when it comes to social media marketing, posting too often or even not enough can hurt your page’s standing, making it seem like you are not engaged with your clientele.

Remember: you are posting this content not only to keep your page up-to-date, but also to inform and interact with your clients or potential clients. If you are just posting and not responding to comments, questions or direct messages, this can hurts your standing in Google’s Algorithm when potential clients search for your company. Google will only show the most relevant items related to the search. If your page isn’t relevant or engaging, then it won’t show in search engine results.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a quick cheat sheet about when and how often you should be posting on social media.

Determining how often you post can be configured when you think about the nature of the platform. For example, the Twitter-verse is an incredibly fast-paced environment that can change on a dime. What someone tweeted last week has been lost through the ages, even the viral tweets (if you’re having a hard time with Twitter’s lingo, check out our Twitter Dictionary). With Facebook, when you go to manage your company page, you can see insights about your audience and when they are the most active. From there, you can determine the best times tailored specifically to you.

Place and time matters on social media just as much as what platform you choose to share content on, but every platform is different. Posting only once or twice a week on Twitter will not give you optimized results or very much engagement. Below is a quick cheat-sheet on the optimized frequency and time to post on different social media platforms.

It’s time to get it right. If you are having trouble or have any questions about this or other best practices for social media, call your sales consultant. They can connect you to someone on the CreativeOne Digital Team to help you adhere to the best practices.


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