Power Select℠ 1% Commission Bonus!

MSG and American General Life, a member of AIG, are excited to announce a 1-percent commission bonus on sales of the Power Select Builder℠ and Power Select Plus Income℠ index annuities. The 1-percent commission bonus is paid quarterly upon reaching $2 million in sales of Power Select Builder and/or Power Select Plus Income for 2014. Even better, once the threshold is reached, you’ll earn the bonus on all dollars generated since the launch of these products in March 2014!

Give your index annuity sales a power boost and help maximize your client’s retirement income

Power Select Plus Income with the Lifetime Income Plus guaranteed living benefit rider offers clients the opportunity for:

  • Guaranteed rising income for the first 10 contract years.1
  • Guaranteed doubling of retirement income potential.2
  • Guaranteed lifetime withdrawals of up to 6.5 percent per year.3

In addition, with Power Select Builder and Power Select Plus Income, clients can earn up to a 7 percent premium enhancement on all premiums made in the first 30 days of the contract.4 Plus, the Power Series can help clients grow a portion of their retirement assets through index interest crediting strategies, while protecting their principal from downside market risk.

Team Up with Industry Powerhouses

The Power Series of index annuities are brought to you through MSG, a prominent marketer of index annuities. These annuities are issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), a member of the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) family of financial services companies. AIG is one of the world’s largest insurance organizations serving customers in more than 130 countries. Enhance your bottom line with the Power Series of Index Annuities. For more information, please contact us at 800.992.2642 or visit us at www.agents.creativeone.com.

FOR PRODUCER USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. | I5401EM7 (5/14) 1 As long as withdrawals are taken with the rider’s terms 2 The Income Base — the amount on which lifetime withdrawals are based — will double on the 10th contract anniversary, when no withdrawals are taken prior to that date 3 The Maximum Annual Withdrawal Amount (MAWA) is the maximum amount of income clients can withdraw each year using Lifetime Income Plus. It ranges from 3.75% to 6.50% of the Income Base, depending on whether one or two people are covered and their age at the time of the first withdrawal on or after age 60. Withdrawals exceeding the MAWA or taken before age 60 are considered excess withdrawals and will reduce future income. For more information, please refer to the Owner Acknowledgement and Disclosure Statement. 4 The 7% premium enhancement is only available for premiums totaling $100,000 or more. The premium enhancement is 4% on premiums of less than $100,000. The premium enhancement may differ by state and may be lower or not available in some states. The premium enhancement vests over the contract’s first 10 years. Upon death, annuitization, full surrender or partial withdrawals subject to withdrawal charges. American General Life Insurance Company may recapture a portion of the premium enhancement. The vesting and recapture schedule is not applicable in all states. Please see the Owner Acknowledgement and Disclosure Statement for details.

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