Rewarding loyalty through our deferred compensation plan


As a top producer, you’ve dedicated your career to helping clients prepare to retire comfortably and confidently. We want to help you do the same when it’s your turn to retire.

The Creative Marketing Agent Deferred Compensation plan is the first innovative long-term accumulation plan offered by an IMO. It is a benefit available exclusively to contracted producers writing annuity and life business through us. The current minimum production threshold is $3 million.

In 2012, Creative Marketing contributed more than $543,000 to accounts of 62 agents through the Deferred Compensation Plan.  

Call us at 800.992.2642 to learn more about the Creative Marketing Deferred Compensation Plan, and request an informational brochure explaining the qualifications, vesting schedule and payout details.


Photo above: Travis Postlethwaite, SVP of Annuity Sales, seen with a mock check representing the 2012 Deferred Compensation Plan contribution (from the 2013 Tailor Made Networking Conference in Phoenix, Arizona).

Creative Marketing does not offer any other compensation in lieu of the Creative Marketing International Corporation Non-Qualified Agent Deferred Compensation Plan. Agent eligibility is subject to qualification and at the sole discretion of Creative Marketing.  Some exclusions apply.  Please refer to the Deferred Compensation Plan document for details.


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  1. Danita says:


    Please call or send me information concerning your incentive package offered to agents.

    I am a producer in the senior market, selling Medicare products, annuities and life insurance. I am shopping the marketing agency, markets. I’d like to know the volume amounts that start a marketing bonus, all the way to a top tier. In addition to yearly renewals. Please include a single producer to building an agency.

    I realize AEP is finished but I also know that I can transfer all my business as long as certification is in place and credentials are approved by CMS.

    I’d also like to know your commission levels on ur annuities and their overrides with continuing renewals.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    God bless,

    Danita Slatery

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