Shell Game: Planning for Retirement’s Unpredictability

Life’s unpredictable. That’s why we help everyday people improve their odds and reduce the impact of external risks. We work to protect a client’s financial plan.

The Shell Game: Planning for Retirement’s Unpredictability

In our profession, we spend a great deal of time anticipating and predicting the unforeseen and how external pressures can affect clients. What are the techniques to navigate and offset external threats?

Join us Wednesday as we examine the impact of:

  • Increased tax rates.
  • Ever-growing federal budget.
  • Increased interest rates and inflation.
  • Advances in medical treatment.
  • Longevity of Social Security.

Hear from my colleague and industry veteran, Eloise Glaspie, CLU®, ChFC, Agency Development & Education Manager at CreativeOne, as she discusses these external factors. She will explain how life insurance can help solidify a plan to offset some of these external threats and compliment your client’s financial plan.

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