Up 15.81% in 2017: NYSE Zebra Edge Index

The NYSE Zebra Edge Index | Leverages Roger Ibbotson's newest stock market insights
The first NYSE® index inside a fixed indexed annuity applies the behavioral finance research of renowned economist Roger Ibbotson.
The NYSE® Zebra Edge® Index selects less popular stocks for a greater growth opportunity with less volatility. When combined with the Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities, clients may benefit from:
15.81% Index Return in 20171
150% Index Participation and a 1% spread2
73% less volatility than the S&P 500® Price Index3
New Heights® and the NYSE® Zebra Edge® Index are available to an exclusive group of financial professionals. Download the client guide now and view the client video.
NYSE® Zebra Edge® Index is driven by the core stock selection insight of Roger G. Ibbotson, the renowned Yale University professor emeritus, and his team at Zebra Capital Management

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