Welcome Terry Pierce, Senior Vice President, Annuity Sales

We’re excited to add a new player to our team.

We’re always growing at CreativeOne. Please welcome Terry Pierce. Terry will serve as one of CreativeOne’s Senior Vice President of Annuity Sales, and he’ll also oversee our external broker-dealer relationships.

Terry has worked in the financial services industry for more than 12 years. He’s led sales strategy and operations for two organizations, and is known as a thought leader at both the corporate and individual level. He’s created more than $250 million in revenue during his career, and he’s recruited and trained numerous advisors and agents.

Before entering the insurance and financial services industry, Terry played football for the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. In the NFL, he perfected his philosophy of leadership and teamwork, building on lessons he’d learned playing for Kansas State University under the Wildcat’s legendary coach Bill Snyder. Those lessons, combined with Terry’s work ethic, scholarly achievements (he was Academic All-American in college), and professional experience helped him forge a new path after his career in football, and make him an outstanding member to the CreativeOne team.

As a sales manager, Terry aspires to take his teams to a higher level through participative management; by acting, as he often has in his career, as both player and coach. He believes in clearly defined roles and positions within organizations, and that salespeople can take their game to the next level by focusing closely on whatever tasks are set before them. If everyone does their job well, the organization as a whole will benefit, and the team and the company will reap the rewards.

When he’s not at work, Terry enjoys reading, meditation, and sports, and spending time with his wife, Shauna, and with his daughter, Sienna, and his son, Stellan.

“We all have ownership. And no matter what, I learned at an early age, ‘Do your job. Do what you’re supposed to do.’ Everyone knows our jobs. That’s public knowledge. So, when we go back afterward, and we inspect what we expect, it’s easy to tell if you did your job. We used to say, ‘The eye in the sky doesn’t lie,’ and that’s as true in sales as it is in sports. And I’m also going to be there with my team, playing alongside them, making sure we’re all doing our part to the best of our abilities.”


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