January 2012 - Creative Edge

Nwl Fixed Products Available

Effective January 30, NWL will be re-releasing the Protector One, Accumulator Five and Prevail Seven fixed annuity products. The products include a current first year rate of 2.50% and a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 1.00%. Call your Sales Consultant for e-kits and product details. 800.992.2642

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Insurance Vehicles – A Part Of The Savings Solution

From the viewpoint of a distributor of annuities and life insurance, the current unsettled economic environment makes 2012 planning difficult. Our business is heavily interest-rate and public-confidence dependent. Sales of fixed rate, new money-based products like annuities often do poorly with low bond and treasury rates. However, sales momentum at year-end 2011 seems stable, even with 1.5% to 3% fixed rates. After all, what is the alternative? Public confidence is more problematic. How will U.S. savers make long-term decisions when they are unsure of what will happen with their jobs, their medical insurance and care, their corporate pensions, their Social Security, their tax bills, or their unemployment benefits? Our current political gridlock offers little hope of clarity until 2013.

Re: Discovering The Money

Now that 2011 has come to a close, you’re on to finding your next clients for new sales and successes in the New Year. It can be easy to get caught up trying to connect with prospects and work leads who may or may not be interested in your services. Instead of focusing your efforts and energy (and money!) on something that might not pan out, consider spending some time with existing clients to whom you haven’t provided comprehensive service. If you haven’t discovered all of their assets, utilize this opportunity to turn them into clients for life and turn 2012 into your best year yet.

Good Things Come In Threes

January 12 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

In last month’s Case Consulting feature, we discussed a situation in which a client was looking for upside earning potential with no downside market risk for an asset he wanted to leave for loved ones. Given his particular situation, Creative Marketing helped identify an annuity that met his needs and gave him the flexibility he desired. However, it’s possible that similar needs for a different client would lend themselves to a life insurance conclusion. If you have clients who are uninsured or underinsured and are looking for tax-free savings potential, consider offering them the benefits afforded by life insurance. And just like many good things, they often come in threes.

“I Gotta Guy” With Lymphoma

Recently, we’ve seen a large number of lymphoma questionnaires from agents needing guidance on quoting these cases. As a result of this unusual volume, we’d like to present the following information to assist you in field underwriting clients with these challenges.

Full Circle With Digital Marketing

For the past six months, we’ve addressed a variety of digital marketing engagement tools that brands from the largest agencies and corporations to the smallest Mom and Pop shops are using to connect with consumers. Regardless of industry or target market, businesses are implementing new methods of communication for connecting with clients and prospects alike on a very personal, interactive level. This shift in marketing strategy is showing no signs of slowing down; in fact, social media marketing experts are anticipating that an even larger portion of business owners will begin adopting these techniques and refining their use in 2012.

Solving An Income Problem Backward

Are you looking for a new way to explain what annuity income riders can do for your clients? Consider starting with a specific income need and then work backward to solve the problem.

Product & Agent Comp Changes

Effective January 6, Annexus will be adjusting the Income Advantage Rider roll-up rate from 7% to 6.50%. The Family Endowment Rider roll-up rate will be adjusted from 5% to 4% for the BAA 12 and BAA 10 sales that do not include the Income Advantage Rider. The Income Advantage Rider will be discontinued from sales in the BPASelect product line. Effective January 27, agent compensation for all BAA contracts will be reduced by 0.50%. For updated rates and information, call your Sales Consultant. 800.992.2642

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