March 2012 - Creative Edge

Nacolah Income Pay Changes

With feedback from producers, NACOLAH announces a third Bonus Credit option to Income Pay available March 12. Clients can now choose 6.75% Bonus Credit for 10 years, 5.50% Bonus Credit for life, or 7.00% Bonus Credit upon step-up. For cost associated and additional product details, contact your Sales Consultant. 800.992.2642

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Re: Diagnosing Analysis Paralysis

There is an epidemic making its way through the hearts and minds of many Americans today. How will you know if this malady is infecting your clients? The first symptom you will notice is a general shift in attitude during your meetings from being interested and engaged in your presentation to the dreaded “I’ll have to think about it.” 

Evolution Never Stops … Though It May Be Deferred

Supporting the fight for the (SAFE) Retirement Act of 2013

Does evolution of species occur in short million year bursts or gradually? While the fossil evidence is not determinative, it appears to be some of both.1 An adaptive radiation occurred 530 million years ago during a “short” 20 million year period at the end of the dinosaur era. Something like modern-day rabbits, squirrels, gorillas, raccoons, bats, tigers, camels, whales, horses, and elephants came from a few prior species via rapid diversification and evolutionary specialization. Why did this happen, while other species ended up with no adaptation and no descending new species? We can’t know for sure, but more recently observed examples show that evolutionary success comes from environmental opportunity and a release or escape from competition. Perhaps stretching this analogy, I believe we are seeing the first real burst of product innovation and diversification in our fixed annuity industry since our nullification of SEC Rule 151a. With that uncertainty surmounted we have the opportunity to evolve our state-regulated secure insurance offerings.  

“I Gotta Guy” With Ulcerative Colitis

In working with clients who have chronic conditions, it’s important that you understand and manage their expectations – just as they have to understand and manage their symptoms. Certain types of these conditions are highly treatable and can result in strong offers from carriers, but it’s critical that you perform due diligence in learning about the client’s individual situation and outlook. Ulcerative colitis, commonly referred to as UC, is an example of one we are starting to see more frequently on applications from our agents.

Shift Your Marketing Performance Into Overdrive

Competition plays an integral role in both defining and creating success. And whether your competitive drive is powered by internal forces, external ones or a combination of the two, it is absolutely necessary to help propel you forward toward achieving loftier goals. Now, step back for a minute and think about any and all competitive advantages you may have established in your practice. Maybe you understand your market better than anyone else, have tapped into niche markets others haven’t or simply have a longstanding reputation from your years of service. No matter what is on your list, don’t overlook what may be your most important advantage: your relationship with Creative Marketing.

Where All The Magic Happens

The palm trees were swaying, the cigars were being hand rolled and excitement filled the air as more than 50 of our most elite agents gathered in Miami on January 22. The sixth annual Tailor Made Networking Conference was quickly underway with a welcome event around the pool, and the magic began to unfold before our eyes. Each year, this event proves to remind us of the great things that can happen when agents and advisors meet to network, share ideas and collaborate on ways to build their businesses and top the previous year’s performance.

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Just Call On Mr. Fix-it

March 14 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

We’ve all heard about Murphy’s Law … and felt the wrath of it at the most inopportune times. Think about the last case you worked to place that didn’t go as planned. Maybe you had a tight placement deadline to meet, a table rating you were trying to get for your client or both. As one thing after another went wrong, you either had to put in additional time and energy to get it placed – or it ended up as a dreaded decline. At times like these, wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted resource step in to change fate, fix anything that might be “broken” in the placement process and start turning things around? By partnering with Creative Life, you can be confident that even the worst of situations result in the best possible outcomes.

Combining Innovation And Protection For Life

An innovative new indexed life insurance product offers financial protection for small businesses, blended families and people whose estate tax planning needs may change.. Aviva USA’s Survivorship Builder combines protection for more than one person on a single policy.

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Preventing Interest Starvation

NWL Protector One, Accumulator Five and Prevail Seven to the Rescue!

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New Great American Income Rider

Available March 19, Great American is offering a new guaranteed income rider that will replace the IncomeSustainer in states where it is approved. The new IncomeSecure Guaranteed income rider includes new features such as income payments available immediately after issue, freedom to withdraw up to the free withdrawal allowance without stopping the roll-up and issue ages 40-85 on BOTH qualified and non-qualified sales. Call your Sales Consultant for additional details. 800.992.2642

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