May 2012 - Creative Edge

Income You Can’t Outlive – A Problem Already In Solution

An old adage says, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Learning quickly from your experience presumably leads to wisdom, good decisions and a life well lived.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Solutions

According to “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D. and William D. Danko, Ph.D., self-employed individuals account for two-thirds of the millionaires in the U.S.  These millionaires are your neighbors, your auto mechanic, the local dry cleaner and maybe even the neighborhood handyman. You won’t necessarily recognize them right away, as most live well below their means in modest homes, driving modest cars and otherwise maintaining a low profile. In fact, most of the assets these individuals possess are tied up in their businesses and are generally not liquid. As their preferred local agent, you have the opportunity to position survivorship life insurance as an option for meeting more than just their estate tax needs.

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“I Gotta Guy” With A Rated Case

We all know that the sole purpose of life insurance is to fulfill a financial need, whether that be for estate purposes, business planning, personal income or otherwise. You’re working hard to help clients meet those needs and prepare for what’s to come in life by streamlining the process of application through placement and presenting the best possible offers. So what should you do when things just don’t go your way?

A Cruel Twist Of Fate?

May 29 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

“It’s too expensive.” “At my age, I just don’t need it.” “It’s a luxury, not a necessity.” As a life insurance agent, you’ve heard just about every excuse in the book as to why clients are unwilling or unable to purchase a life policy. Many of them even seem to understand that these policies come with huge benefits, but somehow they just can’t part with the money needed to pay the premium payments. Hopefully, you’re using the tools and strategies you learned from Creative Life to overcome these objections and convince them otherwise. Or maybe you’re offering some of them a less expensive policy alternative that still offers guarantees: no-lapse universal life.  

Identifying The Missing Link

May 29 2012

by Creative Life Sales Team

Designing and packaging cases, particularly those surrounding clients with complex needs or large premium values, can be time consuming and require a great deal of your resources. In an industry where time is money, it’s important that you have the support you need to make the process as simple as possible. The next time you’re working a case in which multiple needs must be met with a single solution, consider contacting your Creative Life Sales Team for help. We can leverage our expertise and connections to identify any missing links and turn “trouble” into a placed policy that achieves all of your clients’ needs.

Re: Claiming Top-of-mind Awareness

Take a quick look around your home or office. Does that pen you write with have the contact information of a business you frequent? Does your coffee mug feature the logo of your favorite coffee shop? Or maybe you like to hang around the house in a t-shirt you received from the charity event you recently attended. These are all examples of promotional products that can be customized to market a business quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Getting Real About A Real Alternative Index

Indexed annuities today present a number of encouraging features, from principal protection and lifetime income benefits to the opportunity to capture a portion of the market’s upside potential without being exposed to its downside risk. We’ve seen products offer interest crediting strategies based on a variety of indices, many of which are familiar to both you and your clients. But with the introduction of the new 5 Year Annuity Linked TVI index crediting option available with the Total Value Annuity (TVA) from Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (Security Benefit), we have many producers wondering, “Is it even real – and what can it really mean for my clients?”

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Where Are We Now? The State Of Our Industry Today

Opportunity Is Everywhere

Attention Annexus Producers

Effective June 1, all Annexus producers will be required to complete the following training on the BalancedAllocation Lifetime Income Rider: the BALIR Launch (webinar) and the BALIR Only Brainshark. Note this includes producers in non-NAIC states, those not currently writing the BALIR and those in states where the BALIR is not yet approved. For assistance, contact your Sales Consultant. 800.992.2642

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