March 2013 - Creative Edge

Jerry Maguire Movie Line Reference, But Not The One You Expect

The other night, I was flipping through the channels and came across the 90’s classic “Jerry Maguire”. As you may recall, Tom Cruise stars in the title role as a sports agent who suddenly questions his purpose in life and seeks a higher meaning. (Along the way he learns a lot about himself, finds out… Read More

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Commander Data

Star Trek: Next Generation was always right in my wheelhouse. I loved the optimistic and technologically advanced view of the future along with the adventure inherent in exploring the unknown. A favorite character was Data (the first to be discovered but second to be created, for aficionados): sentient android or artificially-created being through which the… Read More

Creative Life Prepares Producers to Capitalize on Growing Need for Advanced Markets Planning

Creative Marketing announced its life insurance division, Creative Life, experienced record sales in 2012 due largely in part to a reconfigured service model and the development of resources to prepare producers for larger advanced markets sales. Creative Marketing is projecting Creative Life to experience solid double-digit growth in 2013 with its increased emphasis in nonqualified… Read More

Protect clients’ income even if inflation increases

For the millions of boomers moving into their golden years, many are quickly discovering the phrase “this isn’t your parents’ retirement” couldn’t be truer. Traditional retirement plans were often built around the three-legged stool concept, supported by pensions, Social Security Income and savings. Yet today, those legs are wobbly at best. Defined benefit plans have… Read More