August 2013 - Creative Edge

Follow this Must-Do/Don’t-Do List to Connect With Worthy Leads

Connect with worthy leads

Have you experienced this? You call a “leads vendor” that promises to identify qualified, affluent consumer leads for you. Subsequently, the lead you contact either tells you to buzz off – or you meet with them only to discover they have minimal assets. Grrrrr. If the old saying “Time is Money” rings true, there is… Read More

Making a client’s “what if” money work harder

Make a Client's "What If" Money Work Harder

The decision to purchase long-term care (LTC) insurance is one that’s important to ponder; the downsides of not having care can be devastating whether one wants to recognize it or not. Unfortunately, many times the best decision unveils itself after it’s too late to gain coverage. If your clients over the age of 65 think… Read More

3-C Controlled Approach to Retirement Security

Do you look forward to reviewing your annual Social Security statement online? It’s fun to see how much the government “promises” it will provide when you retire, isn’t it? When you think about it, though, you realize you have no control over this government benefit. No control over how much you’re required to pay in… Read More

“I Gotta Guy” With Prostate Cancer

Life insurance placement policy - prostate cancer

#2 Cause of Death in Men, But Not a Foregone Life Insurance Conclusion Many men think purchasing life insurance is not possible following prostate cancer detection and treatment, but for some the option to purchase life insurance is a not a foregone conclusion. As you encounter potential clients with a history of elevated PSA or… Read More

BCA and BAA rate and bonus increase

Annexus announced the following changes on the BalanceChoice Annuity (BCA) and BalancedAllocation Annuity* (BAA) products effective August 12, 2013. 1. Increase in bonus for BCA: BCA 12: 8% bonus BCA 10 and 8: 6% bonus 2. Equity allocation percentage increases: 2% on the BCA 8, 10S and 12 5% on the BAA 12 5% on the BAA 10… Read More

Retirement income growth without market risk

We each make dozens of decisions throughout the day – what to wear to work, whom to call, where to go for lunch, which TV shows to watch, when … well, you get the picture. Our brains never get a rest. So it’s good to know that deciding between growth and stability is a no-brainer… Read More

Is your business running on auto-pilot?

If you want your business to fly at “peak performance” or just want to improve the efficiency of the way you run your office — we can show you ready-to-implement ways successful producers: Increase client demand and referrals Deal with client objections and conflict Get a “yes” in 60 seconds or less Understand the mind… Read More

Business Owner: Position Yourself as a Highly Sought Resource

Our country is on the leading edge of the greatest transfer of wealth America has ever seen. Boomer generation business owners transferring their companies to family members or others account for this tidal wave of wealth.  With that in mind, Forbes contributor Steve Parrish wrote “How to Retain Control, Even As You Exit.” It’s a… Read More

Annexus announces bonus comp changes

On July 31, 2013, Annexus announced the following changes: 50 bps bonus comp on BalanceChoice AnnuityTM  8,10,12 until September 30 50 bps bonus comp on BalancedAllocation Annuity® 12 extended until September 30 100 bps bonus comp on Ohio BalancedAllocation Annuity® 10 until September 30 100 bps bonus comp on Texas BalancedAllocation Annuity® 10 extended until… Read More