October 2013 - Creative Edge

Deferred Income Annuities? Yeah, we have those.

Deferred income annuities (DIAs) are an up-and-coming alternative to your clients’ retirement income needs. Industry followers have hailed them for creating a “pension-like” income stream. They defer payments for several years, allowing for a higher lifetime annual income payment amount.  One primary benefit for purchasers of these DIA products is that they will know the… Read More

Learn to Earn 2013 Inspires Producers Toward a New Mission

Learn to Earn, Creative Marketing

How much can be packed into a day-and-a-half training event? Attendees of Learn to Earn 2013, held October 2-4 in Overland Park, Kansas, discovered enough new ideas, operational tips and inspiring words to soar to new heights. > Relive Learn to Earn 2013 with photos and videos of the instructional presentations. The event kicked off… Read More

Beyond the death benefit with life insurance

An alternative way to diversify: life insurance can offer a competitive portfolio option with less volatility. Many clients today are looking for a way to diversify their portfolios without taking more risk than they can confidently handle. Yet, when they think about life insurance, they only think in terms of the benefits surrounding protection against… Read More

Who is Creative?

Most of you have heard that Creative Marketing International Corporation changed ownership on October 1. The last 9 months of extricating us from insurance company ownership have been invigorating and exhausting, but will result in the rebirth of Creative. Will Moneymaker and I are the new owners of Creative. When I was invited to join… Read More