December 2013 - Creative Edge

New year brings opportunity to connect with clients

Another year has come and gone. Did you connect with your clients as much as you hoped? Maybe you had good intentions but struggled to find the time in the midst of appointments, presentations and continuing education. To grow your practice, you must build strong relationships and make client contacts a priority – even when… Read More

AARP: Social Security Another Magical Stimulus – Part 2

Supporting the fight for the (SAFE) Retirement Act of 2013

Read Part I of this article here. AARP’s premise:  “Social Security Generates $1.4 Trillion in Economic Activity and Supports More Than 9 Million Jobs.”  [AARP Press Center, October 1, 2013](1) Fact:  Social Security paid out $775 billion in retirement, survivor, and disability payments in 2012. AARP asserts the well-known “Multiplier Effect.” Supposedly, Social Security payments… Read More