February 2014 - Creative Edge

The Risk of Conformity

From the president

Have you ever wondered about the source of “home field advantage” or why officials seem to “swallow their whistle” at times (and why we want them to)? Are you curious about whether coaches generally make statistically supportable decisions or go with conventional wisdom?  A 2011 book, “Scorecasting” by Moskowitz and Wertheim, is a statistician’s dream. … Read More

Public Employees and Social Security, Part I

How the Windfall Elimination Provision can impact your clients’ Social Security benefits. Many advisors assist clients who worked as public employees in jobs not covered by Social Security. However, such public employees or their spouses may also be entitled to Social Security benefits earned in jobs that are covered by Social Security. In talking with… Read More

Just launched–the next generation of fixed indexed annuities

February 18 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

The wait is over. Nationwide Financial® launches a new fixed indexed annuity — Nationwide New HeightsSM. A new solution for new challenges. Designed to be the next generation of fixed indexed annuities, Nationwide New Heights is engineered with you and your clients in mind. A complement to Nationwide Financial’s current suite of products, it combines… Read More

Annexus creates Legacy Optimization brochure

February 17 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

Annexus has just released a six-page client-approved brochure titled “The Solution for Legacy Optimization.” The marketing piece uses a hypothetical case study to demonstrate how the BalancedChoice™ Annuity with the Family Endowment Rider (FER) can help a client take their Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) while still maximizing their legacy. You can use this brochure to… Read More

Nationwide Financial, Annexus Partnership Offers Advisors New Fixed Indexed Annuity

February 12 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

Nationwide Financial and Annexus announced on February 10, 2014, a new partnership and the launch of Nationwide New HeightsSM a fixed indexed annuity product built to capitalize on what both companies see as a market poised for robust growth. Download the full announcement. For more information, contact CreativeOne at 800.992.2642.

Build a more client-centric retirement income practice

February 11 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

North American Company for Life and Health Insurance has launched an eight-part business-building program aimed at helping producers adjust to emergence of “Retirement 3.0.” The boomer generation has refined “how to do” retirement, and it’s not a do-it-yourself project. Over the next few months, North American is bringing together the top thought leaders in the… Read More

Professional Designations are not Created Equal

Continuing education is a critical part of a producer’s practice and a great way to maximize your potential. It is also important to communicate your credentials to clients and prospects through the use of professional designations. But not all industry education programs are created equal. While many of the well-known designations (CLU, CFP, ChFC, REBC)… Read More