January 2018 - Creative Edge

LIVE WEBINAR: Roger Ibbotson Presents Groundbreaking New Research


Join us for a live webinar: Renowned Economist and Yale Professor Roger Ibbotson Shares New Critical Analysis on FIAs. NEW WEBINAR: Renowned Economist and Yale Professor Roger Ibbotson Shares New Critical Analysis In 1975, economist Roger Ibbotson predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average would break 10,000 by the end of 1999 – nearly 25 years… Read More

How Can Tax Reform Help You Gain Clients?

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that was passed in December 2017 brings a whole new ballgame of questions for consumers and businesses. So how can you as an advisor help alleviate some of this uncertainty while also providing value through comprehensive retirement planning? Marketing strategies are important for any successful agent or… Read More

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New Year’s Resolutions and Revolutions – Part 1

Predictions are all the rage at the artificial divisions carved by our Gregorian calendar, but they are also a stern master. I wish I had the qualities of a seer, but on topics like the economy and what advisor business will be like next year, the best minds will often be off target. Albert Einstein… Read More

How to Create Your Own Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of the most-utilized social media platforms that consumers use for research, review and engaging with a brand. This is a great place to make your voice and your message about your company know. Not to mention establish your branding and solidify your digital presence. Create your personal Facebook profile in these easy… Read More

A quick explanation on the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The First Cuts are the Deepest On December 22, 2017, after passage by both houses of the U.S. Congress, President Donald J. Trump signed Public Law No. 115-97, also known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The TCJA is first and foremost a one-time tax cut for corporations: rates have plunged from 35… Read More

F&G Guarantee-Platinum 5 – Rate Increase!

For a limited time, the initial interest rate for the FG Guarantee-Platinum® 5 single premium fixed deferred annuity will increase to 3.25 percent! This initial rate is guaranteed for the first five contract years only. This enhanced rate offers the following to your clients at no additional cost: Full accumulation value at death • RMD… Read More

North American makes rate changes

Effective January 11, 2018, NorthAmerican’s CapitalElite 10 and PrimePath Series are making rates changes. Click Here for more details or call your sales team at 800.992.2642.

Picture Perfect: Sizing Images on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Making your social media platforms active and engaging can seem a little tedious when it comes to your overall content marketing strategy. When you’re wanting to improve your social media presence and create more engagement, the easiest place to start is to begin posting more visual content. This can be in the form of shared… Read More