Empowered: Women and retirement

In 2017, North American sought to better understand women – the way they approach retirement, how they work with financial professionals, and why businesses that figure out how to market to women see significant growth and sustainability. 1

A fair assumption can be made. The health of your professional relationships with the women in your book of business can contribute to the long-term health and growth of your business, too.
Why? Because whether due to preference and aptitude – or because of the death of a spouse or divorce – 90 percent of women at some point will take on sole responsibility of their household finances.2
Think about the women in your life, your book of business, the next generation of women heading into the workforce – are you ready to help encourage and support them at all stages of financial empowerment?
For the Empowered research, North American talked to women (and men, too, for comparison) about their retirement plans, their preferences, and their thoughts on working with a financial professional. Then, they talked to financial professionals (both men and women) to understand what, where, when, and to whom they focus their efforts.
Women can bring unique needs, questions, and preferences to the table, but their research uncovered a few subtle nuances between men and women – and between women and their financial professionals – that are crucial to understand. You can read all about them in our four-part Empowered white paper series, available at NorthAmericanCompany.com/women

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1. 5 ways historically male brands are now reaching out to women, by Kristina Monllos, April 4, 2016, ADWEEK.
2. Five Reasons Women are Taking the Lead in Financial Planning, by Daniel M. Choi. Aug. 8, 2017. Forbes

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