Endless Events: Your Creative Edge to Referrals and Client Appreciation

Socializing is networking and networking is new business.

What’s the best, no-pressure way to gather many of your clients together all at once and get them to bring their friends? Endless Events.

The longest running social science study ever at Harvard found that relationships are the key to human happiness. So, treat your clients to the number-one goal in life — hold a CreativeOne Endless Event. Our events are designed to deepen your relationships with your current clients in a easy way, while encouraging them to bring their friends, a potential source of referrals.

Endless events are hassle free events, as CreativeOne’s seamless process aids in management from beginning to follow-up. With our support, you can easily run an event that cements your relationships with current clients while bringing prospects into the fold.

Our program kit details the entire range of event planning, including:

  • Ideas for exciting events
  • Tips on choosing the best clients to invite
  • Party wisdom to increase the fun!
  • Money-saving pointers
  • Popular food tips and related themes
  • Organizational Worksheets
  • Giveaways
  • Two fillable invitation options for each event, either a casual postcard or a formal, single-fold option that goes into an envelope.

Make prospecting more fun for both you and your future clients – have a party! Natural conversation at a social event is the best way to get recommended to others, so invite your top clients and ask them to invite their friends. They’ll be glad they did – and so will you.

To learn more about Endless Events and how it’s a hands-down winner to all involved, call your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642 or visit agents.creativeone.com/endless.


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