Growing the Next Generation of Professionals

Our profession is facing one of the greatest challenges it has ever seen. With the decrease of insurance professionals and qualified wealth managers, our pool of industry professionals is shrinking. In this decade, we’ve witnessed the number of U.S. financial advisors falling for five consecutive years.1

Unfortunately, with the lack of advisors in the marketplace, society at large and specifically the middle-class family will most likely miss tax-advantaged opportunities life insurance strategies can provide. Simply put, there aren’t enough advisors to handle future demands and educate society.

Coming off the heels of the Dow’s highest closing record last week, it’s never been a better time to have a risk mitigation conversation with your clients. At minimum, it can help diffuse potentially difficult conversations when the market’s turn and aren’t quite as favorable. I ask you, how are you preparing to take advantage of this risk mitigation opportunity? And, how are you building your practice to take advantage of the shortfall of financial professionals and decrease in market penetration? You have an opportunity ahead, seize it!

Now, is the time to start ramping up junior advisors, insurance agents and preparing the next generation of seasoned financial professionals. Nearly everyone in our industry has had that aha, moment, where someone invested their time to grow you professionally. And, that’s exactly what CreativeOne is doing. As a testament, earlier this month, we sponsored the Financial Planning Association of Greater Kansas City’s career fair and hope we can help place our mark on growing the industry.

I challenge you to act now! Seize your market!



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