Identity Force packages available to CreativeOne agents

Identity Theft Protection

$1 million ID theft insurance and recovery


Did you know more than 41 million Americans have had their identities stolen1? Many of those individuals are older adults, and maybe it’s happened to someone you know. Why not be part of the solution that protects your clients?  Introducing IdentityForce, a company with 40 years of experience protecting individuals from the devastating effects of identity theft. CreativeOne has teamed up with them to offer your clients that extra level of protection.

What does IdentityForce do for your customers?

  • Monitors | Delivers ongoing monitoring, rapid alerts and recovery services to help protect against ID theft.
  • Controls | Provides peace of mind knowing they have proven identity, privacy and credit security solutions.
  • Alerts | Delivers real-time alerts, access to 24/7 support and identity recovery with decades of experience.
  • Recovers | Certified Protection Experts will complete paperwork, make calls and handle every detail to restore your identity.

As a CreativeOne-contracted agent, your clients have the option to select from two discounted packages. >> Download the flyer to learn more about these comprehensive packages!

Offer your clients identity protection today. They’ll appreciate this value-added service and feel more confident in this high-tech world.

Call your CreativeOne sales team today at 800.992.2642 to learn more.


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