Jerry Maguire Movie Line Reference, But Not The One You Expect

The other night, I was flipping through the channels and came across the 90’s classic “Jerry Maguire”. As you may recall, Tom Cruise stars in the title role as a sports agent who suddenly questions his purpose in life and seeks a higher meaning. (Along the way he learns a lot about himself, finds out how much a human head weighs and falls in love … but this isn’t a movie review so we’re moving on.)  You probably remember the movie’s infamous line “Show me the money!” Arguably, it’s one of the best movie moments in recent memory. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Nope, the movie line I’m referencing is “Help me, help you.” In the scene when Jerry says these words, his client responds that he’s looking for more than a big payday. He wants the Kwan: the love, respect and sense of community only a true partnership can foster.

At Creative Marketing, we look for ways to help you grow and enhance your business. One such offering is our Accelerated Marketing Plan (AMP), which is a great way to earn uncapped quarterly cash bonuses that you can use to supplement your marketing and strategic business needs.

To take advantage of AMP, here’s how it works.* You must have $1 million of paid premium in four quarters (the three previous quarters, plus the current one) and have a minimum of $500,000 of premium in the current quarter. You start earning your cash reward for every dollar of qualifying paid life and annuity premium during the calendar quarter. Annuity premium is awarded dollar for dollar; life premium is awarded 10 times for target, one time for single and excess.

You’ll be automatically enrolled in AMP at all times, and missing a quarter has no effect on future checks. All production written through Creative Marketing qualifies.

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At Creative, we’ll show you more than the money. We’ll show you the Kwan.

Jerry McGuire. Dir. Cameron Crow. Prod. James L. Brooks. Gracie Films and TriStar Pictures, 1996. USA. * Submissions with certain carriers/products are not eligible for this program,. Contact your Sales Consultant for details. Creative Marketing reserves the right to terminate, amend, or modify the Accelerated Marketing Plan parameters at any time. An agent must be contracted and in good standing at the time of distribution of bonuses to receive a check. The agent is responsible for applicable taxes. FOR AGENT USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. 12733 - 2013/3/29

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