Leave a Guaranteed Legacy with Global Atlantic

6 things to know about Global Atlantic’s Enhanced Death Benefit

Take a look at the infographic to learn 6 reasons the optional Enhanced Death Benefit1 (EDB) with Choice Accumulation II Fixed Index Annuity can help your client’s leave a lasting legacy.

  • Would your clients like to grow their legacy by 7% for up to fifteen years?
  • Do you have clients under age 75 who would be interested in a guaranteed legacy?

Download the infographic to learn the answers to these questions and more!

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1 The optional Enhanced Death Benefit is available at an annual cost of 0.50%, assessed at the end of the contract year, based off of the Enhanced Death Benefit amount. The benefit is comprised of a guaranteed roll-up of 7.00% simple interest for 15 years based off of premiums, reduced by withdrawals. All withdrawals will reduce the benefit. Should your client die before the 15-year contract anniversary, the EDB will stop growing. A minimum issue age of 0 and maximum age of 75 will apply.
This material is intended to provide educational information regarding the features and mechanics of the product and is intended for producer use only. It should not be considered, and does not constitute, personalized investment advice. The issuing insurance company is not an investment adviser nor registered as such with the SEC or any state securities regulatory authority. It’s not acting in any fiduciary capacity with respect to any contract and/or investment.
Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Forethought Life Insurance Company and assume compliance with the product’s benefit rules, as applicable.
Choice Accumulation II fixed index annuity is issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company, 10 West Market Street, Suite 2300, Indianapolis, Indiana. Available in most states with Contract FA1801SPDA-01 and ICC17-FA1801SPDA-01 and rider forms FA4101-01, ICC17-FA4101-01, FA4106-01, ICC17-FA4106-01, FA4107-01, ICC17-FA4107-01, FA4108-01, ICC17-FA4108-01, FA4109-01, ICC17-FA4109-01, FA4110-01, ICC17-FA4110-01, FA4116-01, ICC17-FA4116-01, FA4111-01, ICC17FA4111-01, FA4112-01, ICC17-FA4112-01, FA4102-01 v2, ICC17-FA4102-01, FA4104-01 v2, ICC17-FA4104-01, FA4114-01, ICC17-FA4114-01, FA4115-01 and ICC17-FA4115-01. 
Products and features are subject to state variations and availability. Read the contract for complete details.
Global Atlantic Financial Group (Global Atlantic) is the marketing name for Global Atlantic Financial Group Limited and its subsidiaries, including Forethought Life Insurance Company and Accordia Life and Annuity Company. Each subsidiary is responsible for its own financial and contractual obligations. These subsidiaries are not authorized to do business in New York.
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