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Introducing – The new microsite that puts the top client-approved content at your fingertips.

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Introducing – the new microsite that puts all client-approved content at your fingertips. Walk clients through all of the core benefits of Transamerica Secure Retirement Index® II fixed index annuity, including:
Growth and Protection
Show clients how to protect their principal from negative market performance while seeking a growth opportunity tied to an index1
Demonstrate the importance of a growing stream of future income they can’t outlive2
Introduce the first index built on the proprietary quantitative finance techniques of Morgan Stanley Investment Management3
Call us today at 800-992-2642 to request an illustration for your next client meeting.
1All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Transamerica Life Insurance Company.
2Lifetime income is available through the optional Transamerica Income Plus® Living Benefit rider for an additional cost or annuitization at no additional cost. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.
3This index is rules-based and unmanaged. Morgan Stanley designed the index methodology but does not act as portfolio managers and does not recommend or buy any asset class used by the index. “Morgan Stanley” refers to the asset management division of the firm Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
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