Life Policy Reviews are Overlooked Opportunities

February 21 2019

by Steve Baum

Right now, is the perfect time to begin scheduling policy reviews! Not only does life change from year to year, but life insurance products can also change over time. 

As you meet with your clients, here are a few items to consider:

  1. Could your client retain the same coverage, but at a lower cost?
  2. Is there a policy that offers more coverage for the same premium?
  3. Can you improve the death benefit guarantees?
  4. Is the death benefit enough, too much, or just right?

Did you know our team provides complimentary policy analysis on existing policies? Just give us a copy of their most recent in-force policy illustration, the intent of the policy and any changes. Let’s see if your client’s policy is still a fit for their family.

Here’s a non-branded life insurance policy review worksheet you can use with your clients.

Download the worksheet

We have additional inforce policy review resources. Give us a call and let’s get you tools to amp your 2019 opportunities.


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