The Write Stuff

Writing a book makes you an authority.

Not everyone can write a book. Not even most people can. But, if you take the time, it might not be as painful as you think, and the rewards could be substantial.

We each come to success by our own paths, and a path is a journey, and a journey is a story—one that you could tell. You’ve learned things along the way. Why not share them?

Writing a book takes time. If you’re not a trained writer, a co-author is the key to bridging your experiences and thoughts into a story that expresses your best self.

A book with your name on the cover can pay dividends.

Having a book means brand awareness, influence and trust. You’ll be able to spread the word about your firm, enhance brand clarity, outshine the competition and open new doors. Not to mention, you’ll build your credibility, expand your market and close more sales.

You have something to say. If you’ve had success in the industry, chances are you have a philosophy or a story behind it. And most people have much more to say than they realize.

Take the next step toward thought leadership with CreativeOne.

We’ll be your guide.

CreativeOne will work with you to develop your book ideas. Here’s how.

First, we’ll pair you with a co-author. That’s a professional writer, someone who knows exactly how to put together a book, chapter by chapter, word by word.

They’ll work with you on an outline for the manuscript. You can put in a lot of effort with your co-author, or you can scale back after you’ve developed a 10-chapter outline. The process is highly personal, and tailored to exactly what you need. Either way, your co-author will help you produce a professional manuscript of at least 25,000 words (or 100 pages).

After the manuscript’s done, CreativeOne will help you publish your book. We will design the book’s cover for you and provide printed copies.

It’s a highly personal process, so we’ll work with you to see what you need most.

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