Your Ultimate Guide to Referrals and Client-Appreciation Events

November 18 2015

by CreativeOne -

Social events are fun, and are a great way to get in front of many of your clients all at once, treat them to a good time and meet their friends. If done right, these events can then potentially bring you new business in the form of current clients’ referrals.

CreativeOne’s Endless Events program helps you plan and hold successful, seamless events from inception to attendee follow up. The program details the whole gamut of event planning and is loaded with:

    • Two fillable, designed invitation options for each event: a casual postcard or a formal, single-fold option that goes into an envelope.
    • Tips on choosing the right clients to invite.
    • Event ideas.
    • Food ideas paired with party themes.
    • Giveaway ideas.
    • Party pointers to consider.
    • Money-saving tips.
    • Helpful worksheets to stay organized.

With this program, you’ll see how referrals come into conversation more naturally than they would via a formal request. You host an event, invite your top clients and ask them to invite their friends. Your clients feel more comfortable in social settings, so why wouldn’t they want to bring their friends to a fun, no-pressure event?

To learn more about Endless Events and how it’s a win-win for your business, call your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642 or visit

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