CreativeOne Ranks among USAA and Nordstrom

At the start of 2016, CreativeOne made a refreshed commitment to those we serve to actively improve our customer experience. We strive to provide the top industry products, friendly, efficient service and the programs clients need to succeed, which is why we asked for feedback at the beginning and end of 2016, using a popular… Read More

Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities add two new index options

Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities add two new index options Recent changes to the Nationwide New Heights® fixed indexed annuities include two new opportunities for consistent growth in a variety of market environments: J.P. Morgan Mozaic IISM Index This global, multi-asset index leverages broad diversification, momentum and volatility smoothing to provide the potential for… Read More

Want Access To the Next-Generation Product Suite?

Please join our fixed index annuity call on Thursday, January 19, to gain access to the next-generation product suite powered by Annexus. We’ve created one of the strongest combinations of accumulation and guaranteed income FIAs on the market, featuring: Up to 150% participation rates with a new global index. ¹ 7% compounding roll-up for clients planning… Read More

DOL Fiduciary Rule: the Hidden Argument for Opposition

An old saying goes, anytime a politician says, “It’s for the children,” hang on to your hat and your wallet. The same is coming true for consumers. The ramifications of the DOL fiduciary rule are sweeping, though unappreciated by those not deep into compliance implementation, as the April 10 deadline approaches. The task list to… Read More

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3 Steps to Build Your Business on LinkedIn

For business development, networking has become increasingly important. Unlike in the past, networking can be done entirely online. 60 percent of buyers now use social media to look up firms before they buy a product. Due to this, it is increasingly important to have a solid social media presence and strategy in place in order… Read More

Client One Names New President and CCO

We’re excited to announce a new leader in the Client One Securities family: James Thompson, J.D., will be president and chief compliance officer. James brings decades of knowledge to Client One, including experience growing a broker-dealer, legal counsel, marketing and compliance. He is an incredible resource for Client One representatives. James was formerly general counsel at… Read More

10 Marketing Elements Your Business Can’t Live without

Effective marketing has never been more important. Prospects have a plethora of information—and competition—available to them with just a few keystrokes. To stay ahead of the game, you want to ensure your marketing is on the right track. According to a recent survey of agents we conducted, there are a few specific things they’re all… Read More

ChangePath Launches Corporate Registered Investment Advisor

Cory Lagerstrom, J.D., President and Principal of ChangePath

ChangePath announces the launch of its corporate Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and plans to help investment advisor representatives (IARs) prepare for approaching DOL deadlines. As speculation and questions continue to stir with the DOL’s fiduciary rule, ChangePath offers a leading investment platform to help advisors create statistically backed client recommendations. ChangePath’s technology platform quickly aligns… Read More

California Product Changes – American Equity

December 19 2016

by CreativeOne -

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY **American Equity Products Discontinued in California** As required by the state of California, sales for the following American Equity products will be discontinued effective December 30, 2016. Bonus Gold (INDEX-1-07). Retirement Gold (INDEX-2-09). Advantage Gold (INDEX-6-07). Premier Eagle 10 (FPDA-7-08). Premier Eagle 12 (FRG-2-09). Business for the products listed… Read More

California product changes for New Heights and BCA Elevate

IMPORTANT: California product changes for New Heights and BCA Elevate California recently passed legislation that requires changes to annuity products currently available in the state. The regulatory changes place certain restrictions on fixed annuity surrender charges – resulting in the following products being withdrawn from sale in California. Products no longer available in California effective January… Read More