5 Reasons Giving Back is Good for Business

Whether you call it corporate social responsibility, service, volunteering or philanthropy, giving back can be very beneficial to your organization.

Here are five reasons to actively make giving back a focus within your business:

  1. It makes a difference. First and foremost, giving back is important because it helps someone in need. By volunteering your time and promoting volunteerism in your organization, you and your employees will be actively making a difference in your community.
  2. It creates job satisfaction. Employees who are able to give back and volunteer with their job are happier because they feel like their company cares about others and is making a difference in the world. The more satisfied employees are, the more productive they are (which is good for business!). Happy employees are less likely to quit, thus improving retention.
  3. It helps mold brand image. A brand that gives back builds trust among clients and is perceived as a business that’s in business for the right reasons. Doesn’t that description sound like something you want clients to think about you? Improve your brand and gain client confidence by simply giving of your time, money and or/skills.
  4. It encourages personal growth. There are many different ways to volunteer and give back to the community, one of which is skill-based volunteering. Consider offering your services to families or individuals that fall under certain criteria. This will help them access a service they wouldn’t normally be able to afford and may also teach you something new about the industry. By working with atypical clients, you may face different challenges than normal. Let yourself grow throughout the process as well as grow your skill set.
  5. It steers you toward leads and/or referrals. While gaining business from your good deeds should not be your reasoning for giving back, it can be a result. Volunteering at the local food back or a homeless shelter will organically introduce you to new people around the community who may need or know someone who needs your services. Let your good work speak for itself.

The New Year is the perfect excuse to redirect your business and reevaluate your company’s core values. Have you considered giving back more? Now is the perfect time!


CP-0657 – 2015/12/21

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