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Get 30 Guaranteed Registrants for Your Next Seminar for $999

Seminar marketing is an excellent opportunity to display your knowledge and thought leadership to a group. They also work well as a way prospect for new clients and generate business. When coupled with a targeted, paid-advertisement strategy, seminars also create an opportunity where you are able to speak to a pre-qualified audience with the desire… Read More

CreativeOne Adds New Studio

CreativeOne recently made a significant investment in its media offerings to agents: a brand-new, full-service audio and video studio, MediaOne. As an Agent Development Organization (ADO), we know one size doesn’t fit all, and we want each agent to stand out on their own, which is where the new studio comes in. With custom videos,… Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Established in 2004, Facebook has quickly grown to become by far the largest social network in the world, making it a critical part of the digital marketing mix for almost any type of business. The social media giant presents a range of advertising opportunities for businesses of any size, including objective-based targeted advertising in addition… Read More

4 Key Elements for Every Financial Advisor Website

Meet Bill (fictional)… Bill is a successful financial advisor in his late 40s. Over the years, Bill has learned that his clients are demanding a more sophisticated approach to communication. They’re becoming increasingly internet-savvy and want to stay in touch online, and Bill realizes that his prospects probably feel the same way. Bill has heard… Read More

Business Accelerator Breaks Industry Standard

I’ve worked at several ad agencies throughout my career and have never been part of a more innovative program that breaks the industry standard than CreativeOne’s Business Accelerator. It launched in January and is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Everyone knows about the 80/20 rule. What’s the important thing to understand about this rule? There… Read More

Two Major Advantages of Facebook Ads

The facts don’t lie; Facebook’s massive global reach and high user engagement are unparalleled by any other social media platform. Facebook realizes the potential the platform holds for marketing businesses and has created a highly developed and sophisticated, targeted advertising platform. Unlike most methods of traditional advertising, you pay for ads aimed directly toward a… Read More