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September 9 2014

by CreativeOne - www.creativeone.com

In the insurance and financial services industries, some professionals grow effortlessly; others struggle to cultivate leads and retain clients. Contrary to popular belief, success has little to do with a great personality or industry credentials. It comes down to a much simpler phenomenon: top-of-mind awareness.

Top-of-mind awareness means that when prospects want or need your product or service, they instantly think of you. International marketer Bob Pritchard says to achieve top-of-mind awareness, you need to be in front of prospects at least 13 times a year.

With YouMag™ as your partner, custom publishing is one of the most affordable direct mail options in the marketplace today.

How do you get in front of that many people that many times without spending a lot of time or money?

Have you considered sending a custom, full-color magazine to clients and prospects each quarter? Giving people something of value and interest with your branding is a great way to generate four of your 13 annual touchpoints.

Cover_Outside_Files_Oct__08It may sound like a lot of work, but this great communication aid is an easy, economical way to enhance your lead-nurturing efforts and build your bottom line. A good print presence is an effective marketing strategy that steers a potential customer to your website or social media page for additional product information.

With YouMag™ as your partner, custom publishing is one of the most affordable direct mail options in the marketplace today. The service provides a personalized magazine with a completely customizable title, cover, back cover, and first-page letter to highlight your brand and company representatives.

Each edition includes well-researched, professionally written articles about travel, golf, philanthropy, books, technology, cooking and more. These positive, uplifting articles appeal to all types of clients and are not time-sensitive. Therefore, your magazine enjoys a long shelf life and has the potential to be a pass-along marketing tool. Best of all, you don’t have to create content every quarter – we do the work for you!

Only your advertising messages appear in your magazine. Readers never receive any unintended sales pitches. There is no insurance or financial advice, so our content will not generate any compliance hassles or legal reviews. In fact, your time investment is also  ‘affordable’– as little as 30 minutes each quarter.

This is a flexible advertising opportunity with many options. Select from one of our four seasonally appropriate cover designs; we’ll put your professional photo on it and add the line “compliments of” with your company name. You can also use the full cover: Simply send a photo of your partners/staff members, a company event, or your office building. It’s your YouMag™.

The inside cover of every magazine features a full-page introductory letter from your company. Your letter can include photos, logos, signatures, charts, or other graphics you choose.

YouMag™ lets you customize the back cover with your company information and logo for no added cost, or you can use one of your design branded ads for the entire back cover.

Add magazine publisher to your list of credentials and make yourself memorable with YouMag™. Call your CreativeOne sales team at 800.992.2642 to learn more.

FOR PRODUCER USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. This program is offered through CreativeOne to a third party vendor. CreativeOne is not responsible for the results of the program or any liability stemming from the use of it. 13656 – 2014/8/26

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