Picture Perfect: Sizing Images on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Making your social media platforms active and engaging can seem a little tedious when it comes to your overall content marketing strategy. When you’re wanting to improve your social media presence and create more engagement, the easiest place to start is to begin posting more visual content. This can be in the form of shared pictures, such as memes, photos from a client-appreciation event, or even more videos.

Regardless of the form, it can be frustrating looking at visual content when the dimensions of the picture do not align with the social platform’s template. For example, if you go to a business’s Facebook page and their cover photo has a promotion code, but is cut off because the picture itself is too large for the cover photo template. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience—you can simply click or tap the picture to enlarge it—it’s the little inconveniences that could be the difference between pushing a potential client to call you or go to your competitor.

It may seem like a big jump between a small technicality like the dimensions of the cover photo and losing a potential client to your competitor, but it’s the small experiences the potential client builds up and makes a quick judgement about your company. Is it fair? No. Is it ridiculous? Slightly, but that’s the world of the internet.

With so many social media platforms, it can be confusing keeping up with the correct picture dimensions that optimize well on both desktop and mobile devices. Below is a quick cheat sheet to keep your profiles up to date and sized correctly.

If you are having trouble or have any questions about this or other best practices for social media, call your sales consultant. They can connect you to someone on the CreativeOne Digital Team to help you adhere to the best practices.


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