Re: Discovering The Money

Now that 2011 has come to a close, you’re on to finding your next clients for new sales and successes in the New Year. It can be easy to get caught up trying to connect with prospects and work leads who may or may not be interested in your services. Instead of focusing your efforts and energy (and money!) on something that might not pan out, consider spending some time with existing clients to whom you haven’t provided comprehensive service. If you haven’t discovered all of their assets, utilize this opportunity to turn them into clients for life and turn 2012 into your best year yet.

With all of clients’ concerns about outliving their money and maintaining their current standard of living in retirement, you have a great opportunity to present them with the guarantees and safe-money solutions they want. But if you’re not aware of all of their money and how it’s positioned, it can be difficult to create a complete plan for maximizing the benefits available to them. January is the perfect time of year to schedule annual reviews and sit down with clients to determine if the current strategies they have in place continue to make sense for achieving their financial objectives given any life changes they’ve undergone.

Ask your clients if they’d be willing to bring in a copy of their monthly budget spreadsheet to help clarify their needs. Then, let them know you’d be happy to create an accurate picture of their financial outlook using the Income Maximizer (IMAX) program. This software allows you to walk through each and every area of the clients’ current situation. As you fill in the clients’ information and work through the different tabs in the software, you can talk with them about when they plan to draw Social Security, if and when they plan to sell their house, what kind of traveling they plan to do in retirement, and if there’s a number they never want to see their net worth fall below. You might even get your clients to share information about accounts or money they haven’t been willing to discuss before.

With just a few clicks, show them the red line that identifies exactly when they’re going to run out of money given their current plan. Then, highlight just how easy it can be to reposition a portion of their assets with annuities and life to make the red line disappear! A few simple tweaks could change your clients’ lives forever, and you’ll never have to mention product to get there.

IMAX is a great way to boost your credibility and let clients know you’re always on the lookout for ways to help them achieve their financial goals. Call your Creative Marketing Sales Consultant for a free IMAX kit, and discover how easy it is to create personalized, year-by-year income summaries for your clients.


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