Take care of your clients this holiday season.

Use some of these tips and tricks to share the love with your extended family: your clients.

November and December can be slow months for producers. People aren’t thinking about money, necessarily, unless they’re thinking about selfless donations or gift-giving budgets. That’s the way it should be; however, it doesn’t mean you have to be out of touch. You need to find a way to be part of your clients’ lives during this time of the year. So, here are a few ideas.

Give them something.

If the spirit of the time is giving, why not give your clients something too, to show your appreciation?

It can be something small. Many producers give food — pies, turkeys, or hams, say. Anything that can make setting the table easier for them. If they don’t need food, though, you might have a few gift cards laying around, maybe to an upscale market, like Whole Foods™️. Even if someone already has a turkey, then, or if they always make Grandma’s Special Pumpkin Pie, they can use the gift card of equal value to help fill in any gaps in their holiday meal.

Food always warms the heart! It’s a great way to say thank-you.

Hold a holiday-themed event.

You can hold a party, for one thing. Nothing says “we value your business” like a party. You can do something traditional, or you can think outside the box. What about a cookie swap? Everyone brings a tray of cookies to share — and at the end, you take home dozens of different kinds of cookies. It’s a fun way to get people talking about their favorite recipes.

Or maybe you want to do something even more different, and you want to put some emphasis on “giving back.” Honestly, that’s what the holidays are about, aren’t they? Giving back and being thankful. So, why not make the entrance fee to your party a toy (under $10)? You can donate all the toys to Toys for Tots. Or you can hold an event at a restaurant with the Salvation Army, and have guests take turns ringing the bell out front. Or you can even arrange to volunteer for the charity of your choice, one that supports veterans or a children’s hospital or something similar, and you can go to volunteer with your family — and invite your clients to tag along!

Send a holiday card.

This is a small thing, but it’s a way to stay in touch, and to show the human side of your business. Some producers send out a complicated, personalized holiday letter every year to their clients, showcasing their own families, and detailing all the hi-jinx they got up to the previous year. This kind of human recap goes a long way toward inviting your clients to share their lives with you, building trust. People won’t trust you with their retirement income goals, for example, if you won’t trust them with part of your life, too.

Do a unique, one-off something for your favorite and most-valued customers.

Everyone has something they need. You might not know it unless you ask. You might just ask five or ten of your best clients, “What do you need for the holidays?” Maybe it’s something you can help with, even if it’s oddly specific and personal. You never know what you could help with until you ask! Being human and open is the best way to build true, lasting friendships and relationships. Be authentic.

There are many ways to show client appreciation. Be creative! Have fun with it.

Everyone recognizes the universal language of “thank-you,” and your clients, and any referrals they bring you, are the lifeblood of your business. You should, of course, be saying thank-you all the time. But the holiday season, from November to January, is an excellent time to take client appreciation to the next level.

There’s no reason to just do one of these ideas. Why not use them all? For more good ideas about how to show your clients you appreciate them, call 800.992.2642.


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