10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Established in 2004, Facebook has quickly grown to become by far the largest social network in the world, making it a critical part of the digital marketing mix for almost any type of business.

The social media giant presents a range of advertising opportunities for businesses of any size, including objective-based targeted advertising in addition to company pages designed to build up an engaged audience to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or meet a number of other goals.

If you have yet to be convinced by Facebook’s enormous potential as a marketing tool, consider the following 10 factors:

 1. Facebook Has a Massive Reach

According to Statista, the number of global monthly active Facebook users reached 1.44 billion in the first quarter of 20151, and this figure continues to steadily grow.

 2. Super-Targeted Advertising

Facebook provides a highly developed and sophisticated targeted advertising platform whereby you pay for results rather than taking a gamble.

 3. Facebook Advertising Can Be Inexpensive

As is the case with many popular online advertising platforms, Facebook allows you to set your own budget, with the minimum daily spend set at only $1.

 4. Facebook Advertising Is Cost-Effective

Marketers can tailor their campaigns to perfectly suit their budgetary requirements.

 5. Reach Your Mobile Audience

Mobile Internet usage has grown enormously over the last few years to the extent it has now overtaken desktop usage2, with an increasing number of people exclusively accessing the Internet from a smartphone or tablet.

 6. Gain a Competitive Advantage

In spite of the fact Facebook’s advertising platform presents an enormous amount of potential, a surprisingly large number of businesses have yet to include it in their digital marketing strategies.

 7. Diverse Objectives

Facebook aims to appeal to every business, and understanding different advertisers will have different requirements and objectives, the platform allows you to choose from a range of goals to build your advertising campaigns around.

 8. Excellent Tracking and Reporting Tools

No online advertising platform would be complete without a sophisticated set of tools to help you track your progress and tweak your campaign based on the results.

 9. Easy Ad Creation and Testing

Using a simple, step-by-step interface whereby you first choose your advertising objective before building your campaign, Facebook makes ad creation and testing easier than ever.

 10. Engage Your Customers

Last, but not least, Facebook revolves around the socially orientated trends of modern marketing, whereby brands succeed in accomplishing their goals by engaging their target audience to the extent their customers effectively end up being valuable brand ambassadors.

Facebook reported in mid-2014 some 30 million small businesses already maintained active business pages on the site3, making the platform’s ubiquity in the world of digital marketing clearer than ever. Additionally, Facebook announced on November 14, 2014, major changes to its newsfeed algorithm designed to decrease the reach of unpaid promotional posts on company pages. These changes placed a greater emphasis on the importance and effectiveness of paid advertising on the platform, and given Facebook ads continue to evolve and have an even-broader reach, no company can afford to ignore it.

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