June 2013 - Creative Edge

Extend your brand with a custom, professional magazine

If you’re like me, you usually keep magazines around – on your nightstand or coffee table – until the next issue arrives. There’s something about a quality magazine that compels you to read, and re-read content before eventually setting it aside. Truthfully, the longer something stays around, the longer it holds sway over you. In… Read More

Assist Baby Boomers on the Cusp of Exiting Their Businesses

You can be a valuable asset to your baby boomer clients and gain two sales in the process. We’ve seen the reported spike in capturing the business-owner market in journals and media. The increased attention is because the United States has 10,000 new baby boomers each day, and some of these boomers are business owners… Read More

Monthly Point-To-Point Strategy Offers High-Earnings Potential Despite Low-Rate Times

Today one of my co-workers in Tailor Made, our elite agent services group at Creative Marketing, Nick Michale sent me the following email: “Mike: Just got my North American annuity statement. I have owned it for five years now. A charter 14. Up until now, the last four years my contract gave me an average… Read More