Annuity Solutions Pro Now Offers Firelight

What is Firelight? Firelight is a multi-carrier e-application solution handling your data collection and form submissions. Designed to deliver “In Good Order” (IGO) applications directly to carriers, Firelight not only sends forms to carriers, but also feeds CreativeOne’s internal new business systems. Intelligence is built into the forms (maintained by the carriers) to handle logic and data checks limiting producer errors and helping them reach the magical IGO stage.

To learn more about Firelight, see the links below:

Does it work with mobile devices? Yes! Laptops, iPads, tablets..they all work!

How many of CreativeOne’s carriers are using Firelight, and who are they?  As of today, there are 10 carriers and close to 50 products on the platform, representing more than 60 percent of submitted business. Not all products are supported by each carrier, but typically the most popular products are the first to be supported. CreativeOne is working hard to support all available carriers and products; check below for a detailed list of available, and soon-to-be-available, carriers. They are:

  • AEI – available today!
  • AIG – coming soon!
  • Allianz – available today!
  • Allianz Preferred – available today!
  • American Equity – available today!
  • Athene – available today!
  • Athene/Annexus – available today!
  • Global Atlantic (formerly Forethought)  – available today!
  • Great American – available today!
  • Lincoln Financial Group – available today!
  • Nationwide/Annexus – available today!
  • Symetra – November.
  • Voya – available today!

How do you find the applications/forms?  CreativeOne took a unique approach and leveraged the power of Annuity Solutions Pro. Using the Annuity Solutions Pro system, you can navigate to your product of choice in the same way you always have. Then, if the product is available on Firelight (and you’re contracted with that carrier), all you have to do is  click on the Firelight symbol to the far right to be taken directly into the Firelight application process.

unknown What are the advantages of using Annuity Solutions Pro? CreativeOne offers a unique value in that the producer needs to go to only one location: Annuity Solutions Pro. Not only can the producer find the latest product and rate information, but now it’s only one click to open the application as the system passes company, product, producer writing numbers and state information, speeding up the process for the producer. The producer can avoid using carrier website links, which requires a separate account and password for each carrier.   

How do you learn how to use the system? The CreativeOne team is currently working on training materials and webinars to help you understand the system and how to use it effectively. Be on the lookout for details to come.

Who should you contact with questions? Contact your sales consultant at 800.992.2642 if you have any questions.



CP-0828 – 2016/4/10


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