Are your clients income ready for retirement?

Access new resources to get clients income ready for retirement with Global Atlantic

One of the most important financial-planning decisions a retiree will make is deciding if they can afford to retire. This means considering if they are ready to cross over from accumulating assets to depending on those assets to pay monthly bills throughout retirement. 

Announcing Income Ready, a new Global Atlantic marketing program designed to help people secure a source of protected retirement income that:

  • They can’t outlive 
  • Will never be reduced due to negative market performance

Check out Income Ready and all of its timely and relevant marketing tools using these links:

These sites feature a lot of great new content including:

  • Income Insights (video): Shows what everyday people think about retirement and actually being ready to retire. 
  • The Conversation of a Lifetime workshop (request a dedicated seminar for your IMO): receive guidance on how to have clear and compelling income planning conversations featuring protected lifetime income. 
  • Perception vs. Reality: This online experience helps dispel some of the most common misperceptions about annuities.
  • Kiplinger’s income for life article: Discusses how clients can make their retirement money last as long as they do – even if the market throws them a curve. 

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