Frank JaksaVice President of Sales - Creative Edge

Are you asking your clients the wrong referral question?

You can ask for referrals in a way that doesn’t make your client uncomfortable. Asking for referrals is difficult. First, who do you ask for one? Not all of your customers will give you qualified leads, and not all of them will act as a brand evangelist for you. Second, people don’t like being asked to… Read More

Make Simplify Your Retirement Work for You

Quality leads • Designed by $12M producer • No extravagant tab   sign up now >> During this 30-minute Simplify Your Retirement webinar, you’ll learn: From the producer who designed it, and generated $25M from it in two years. About the course materials and how to best use them. How to be seen as a… Read More

CreativeOne Congratulates Advisor Stephen Stricklin

CreativeOne congratulates one of our advisors, Stephen Stricklin, president and founder of Wise Wealth, LLC, on being named as one of five finalists for Retirement Advisor’s 2015 prestigious “Advisor of the Year” award. The finalists were announced in the August 2015 edition of the magazine. The distinction of finalist for the Advisor of the Year… Read More

Run Your Practice Like a Doctor’s Office

Jonathan Lee believes the key to being successful in the industry is efficiency. He runs his $6-million practice in a way that optimizes his and his clients’ time and allows him to offer them customized plans for their future. He compares how he runs his practice to how a surgeon runs theirs: controlled, thought out… Read More

Focus on Getting Introductions, Not Referrals

We hate to be sold and it’s rampant. Think about when you go to a car lot and the salesman comes up to you and asks if he can help you. What do you say? “I’m just looking.” Because you don’t want to be bothered. Same if you’re shopping for jeans and your wife is… Read More

Time Management Techniques for Elite Producers

One of the attributes of elite level producers is their ability to effectively use their time. In many cases, time management is a primary reason a producer’s practice is not reaching its full potential. Commonly producers who feel pressed for time feel like the business is “running” them instead of the producer running the business…. Read More

8 Clients Event Ideas that Bring Hundreds of Prospects Annually

Even though we use social media and digital marketing to connect with clients and prospects, it’s still important for advisors to have face-to-face contact. This doesn’t always require a one-on-one meeting in an office or home setting. Hosting and inviting a group to an appreciation event can help you enhance relationships with clients, meet qualified… Read More

Food trucks produce more than just gourmet truffle fries

This is a true story of a successful Tailor Made producer in San Diego, Ca. who doubled his production last year by treating his business with a non-traditional mindset to generate leads through client advocates. Prior to last year, he was a $5 million producer, living by the seat of his pants and writing business… Read More